Hospital Bed Sheets Market – Growing Prevalence of Chronic Illnesses to Drive Growth

The global hospital bed sheets market is set to grow over the next few years owing to factors such as massive increase in number of patients due to increase in number and cases of viral infections. The on-going pandemic of COVID-19 for instance is driving up demand considerably.

Besides, incidence of other chronic illnesses such as CVD and COPD is also growing rapidly and this is also going to be a major growth propellant in the market as demand for disposable sheets will increase because of this. Besides, world over, number of people aged 60 and above is increasing massively.

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Region-wise, it is quite significant to make note of the fact that while every region in the world will record growth over the next few years, it will be North America and Europe, which will carve off a notable share of the market. Demand for disposable bed sheets in the region is growing rapidly as number of patients increase rapidly. Incidence of chronic illnesses in the regions, particularly in the North American region, is high. In United States of America, six in every ten people are undergoing one such infliction.

Asia Pacific region will also be a lucrative market, owing to a large patient pool. The region will record a robust growth rate over the next few years, creating new and interesting avenues of growth. Countries that will be at the forefront of this growth are India and China. Other attractive regions will be East Asia and South Asia.

The vendor landscape of global hospital bed sheets market is fragmented. Top players include 3M Company, Medline Industries, Inc., Beaucare Medical Ltd., GPC Medical Ltd., Vaibhav Overseas, Jackson Care Product Company, EconoGroup, Essential Medical Supply Inc., Changzhou Care-de Sanitary Material Co., Ltd., Derme&Co. and others. These witness intense competition in the market and rely heavily on a robust distribution framework.

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Hospital Bed Sheets Market Shows Promising Growth on the Back of Rising Need To Maintain Hygiene

The global hospital bed sheets market is projected to show stupendous growth avenues during upcoming period. One of the most important factors supporting this projection is rising need to maintain hygiene conditions in healthcare service providers. The present TMR Research report gives detailed knowledge of the hospital bed sheets market for the period of 2019­ to 2027. Besides, the report sheds light on various key strategies implemented by vendors to increase their sales. Thus, the report works as a guide for all entities working in this market.

Rising Demand from Healthcare Sector Drives Market Growth

In recent times, there are increased instances of hospital-acquired infections. To prevent such cases, many hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare centers have focused on maintaining the hygiene in these places. Many healthcare providers are introducing infection control programs. As a part of these infection control programs, there is increased demand for hospital bed sheets from healthcare providers. Besides, one major use of hospital bed is to cover stretchers and examination beds. Thus, the global hospital bed sheets market is gathering substantial amount of revenues from the healthcare sector.

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Rise in Infectious Diseases Spurs Demand for Disposable Bed Sheets

Disposable bed sheets are gaining traction owing to growing need to contain some critical infectious diseases. These bed sheet types are increasingly used in frail care facilities, hospitals, and other professional medical settings. The governments of many countries are pouring efforts to strengthen their healthcare systems. To support these efforts, there is growth in the government investment in healthcare facilities. They have increased the number of hospitals, clinics, and healthcare centers. Growing number of hospitals on a worldwide level is opening avenues for vendors working in the global hospital bed sheets market.

Companies active in the global hospital bed sheets market are chasing diverse strategies to maintain their strong market position. Numerous companies have implemented stringent quality policies. These policies are helping them to offer superior quality products. As a result, they are gathering considerable amount of revenues. Currently, end-users can select bed sheets manufactured from woven and non-woven material.

Many vendors in the hospital bed sheets market are focusing on strengthening their distribution channels. Some companies are using online platforms to grow the demand for their products. All these efforts are expected to spur the demand for products from the global hospital bed sheets market during forecast period.

Moreover, partnerships, collaborations, and mergers and acquisitions are some of the key strategies helping vendors from the global hospital bed sheets market. The list of the key players in the global hospital bed sheets market includes Mediline Industries, 3M Company, Vaibhav Overseas, Jackson Care Product Company, EconoGroup, and Essential Medical Supply Inc.

On regional front, North America is one of the prominent regions in the global hospital bed sheets market. Increased demand for products from hospitals, clinics, and healthcare centers in this region is expected to offer lucrative avenues for overall market growth. In recent times, healthcare sector from this region is focused on containing the spread of infectious diseases such as COVID19. This situation is spurring the demand for disposable bed sheets.

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Moreover, the hospital bed sheets market is expected to gather steam from South Asia and East Asia. The market is projected to witness increased demand in these regions from hospitals and long-term care centers. Besides, growing medical tourism sector in this region is one of the key reasons boosting the growth of the global hospital bed sheets market.