Hibiscus Flower Powder Market to See Substantial Avenues in Beauty Industry

The personal care industry is emerging as a vast source of new revenue streams in the hibiscus flower powder market. The industry has been seeing vast potential of the flower for skin and hair care. The popularity stems from the numerous benefits that the powder has. The flower is a source of alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs) and phenolic compounds and contains antioxidants, all of which have amazing benefits to skin and hair care Additionally, the flower exhibits antimicrobial properties and slows down the greying of hair. Thus, the beauty industry world over is seeking to leverage the aforementioned benefits to attract consumers and garner revenues by investing in the hibiscus flower powder market. They are actively incorporating the powder in variety of products such as in facemasks, cleansers and scrubs, and hair care product.

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Numerous Value-Gran Industries in Different Industry Verticals Due to Medicinal Properties

Not just personal care industry, numerous other sectors are also eyeing incredible revenue potential in the hibiscus flower powder market. The food and beverages industry is one of them that is rapidly coming to the forefront. Consumers are also incorporating hibiscus flower powder in cold and hot beverages. Apart from taste enhancement, it is the medical benefits of the hibiscus powder which attracts prospective consumers.

The food industry has also risen to the use of exotic plant-based products, propelling the demand potential in the hibiscus flower powder market. Over the years, rapid advances have been made in extraction processes of powders from various flowers of medical significance. This undoubtedly adds momentum to the expansion of the avenues for market participants. Rise in demand for organic products is a key trend boosting the market. Advances made in the pharma sector is boosting the market.

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Rising prospects of the powder has also come on the back of rising interest of pharma industry on botanicals. This will continue to be source of new revenue streams in coming years.