Journey of Quorum Health towards Optimization of Healthcare Nodes

Quorum Health sent ripples across the medical fraternity after its advent in 2016. With a total of 160 affiliated hospitals across 22 states, Quorum Health is an established public traded entity. The organization has focused on improving healthcare across rural areas in the United States. However, establishment of Quorum Health involved several bottlenecks with regard to legal and operational decisions. The organization that preceded Quorum Health successfully deployed athenahealth as its vendor for electronic health record system. Athenahealth also agreed to work closely with Quorum Health as a value-added vendor. Meanwhile, Quorum entered into a distinct agreement with athenahealth to transition its patient data and ensure continuity of care.

 Strategies Deployed by Quorum Health

  Athenahealth succeeded in maintaining electronic health records and developing proper workflows for Quorum Health. Representatives from Quorum Health attribute this success to three major factors. Primarily, they point to the development of a holistic data migration plan as the launch pad for successful execution. Besides, joint collaboration of both the parties and full-time support offered by athenahealth also contributed to this end. Athenahealth has remained steadfast in catering to its responsibility of offering premium technology services within healthcare. Quorum Health is now acknowledged as a dynamic entity that focuses on providing improved healthcare to diverse communities.

 Optimization of Healthcare Parameters

 Quorum Health is currently serving the healthcare needs of several marginalized and rural communities in the US. Besides, the organization has saved up to 33% of its revenues by renegotiating technology contracts. Improvements in performance also helped in accumulating savings worth $10 million within Quorum Health. Around 45% Patients have been able to get regular annual wellness visits over the past year. The organization has optimized communication networks to stay connected with patients.