New Study Reports Hazardous Impact of Climate Change on Human Health

The proof of climate change affecting overall environment is getting harder to ignore each passing day. The impact of the climate change is detrimental on the overall public health as well. Across the globe, warming up of temperatures are creating as well as complicating a whole lot of challenges about health. Most of these health challenges have been very predicative this year.

As more than 20,000 representatives across the globe prepare for the conference in Bonn, Germany, for the yearly United Nation’s Climate Conference, the unusually warmer surface waters of the Atlantic Ocean have aided in creating a record high run of nearly 10 named hurricanes this years, which have claimed numerous lives and uprooted communities from Ireland to Texas to Caribbean.

Several parts of Europe burnt up by the extreme heat wave that was so hot that it was called ‘Lucifer.’ Meanwhile, the America Southwest area has been facing a problem of its own record heat. And then, to add to all this, there are sparked on drought-burnt lands and wildfires in the Pacific Northwest, California, and Western Europe.

The Lancet, one of the most prestigious medical journals in the world, published a report this week about the ‘yearly check-up’ of how the climate is changing and its impact on the public health. The report also checked upon how nations’ actions to cut down the greenhouse gases and their emissions are cutting down the overall health risks. The research study duly noted that the climate change is already doing more damage to millions across the globe.