Use of Hand Sanitizer Mitigates Risk of Disease Transmission Caused Due to Pathogen

Increasing awareness about hygiene is the key factor resulting in popularity of the hand sanitizer. Further, healthcare associations such as the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) are emphasizing on the use of sanitizers to prevent transmission of diseases.

Most of the sanitizers consists of more than 60% alcohol. Alcohol tend to kill harmful pathogens faster, when compared to soap. Hence, medical professionals also advise to carry sanitizer. In addition, ease of use is also a crucial factor revolutionizing growth of hand sanitizer market. Hand sanitizers are also called as hand rub. All a consumer need to do is apply few drops of sanitizer on hand, similar to a hand cream.

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Outbreak of COVID-19 Pandemic Spurred Demand for Hand Sanitizer Across Globe

Lately, the global hand sanitizer market has witnessed exponential growth rate due to outbreak of novel coronavirus. Physicians and other medical professional claim that use of hand sanitizer with 60%, or more alcohol content can effectively kill the virus. This can, further, avoid the transmission of virus to another person via hand shake or touch.

As a result, several offices, restaurants, people have started keeping the bottle handy. So that, it can be used at any point of time. This, in turn, has boosted the hand sanitizer market in the season of economic crashes even.

The hand sanitizer market is expected to observe an upward growth trajectory unless, no proper antidote and vaccine are available in the market. Even if the cure is out for COVID-19, the growth curve will not flatten; as people have become extra conscious regarding their health.

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Innovations in Product Likely to Boost Hand Sanitizer Market Amid Intense Competition Among Key Players

Registering the growing demand for hand sanitizers among all group sets, the market players are becoming innovative. To keep sanitizer handy and easily portable, it is being packed in tube. Also, the product is being available in various fragrance, which is going to attract various customers, especially women.

Considering the innovations due to growing competition, the global hand sanitizer market is projected to expand at rapid rate.

Hand Sanitizers to Go Handy for Hygiene Protection

Hand sanitizers are gaining a blooming market revenue during the past few years because of the scientifically proved fact that they are a better way of preventing viral infections and other basic cold and cough. Hand sanitizer is a clear transparent liquid that is basically used for decreasing infectious agents present on the hands. Hands are considered as a medium of direct contact with the outer world like shaking hands, touching any object, using phones and others. Hence, it is the most common place to accommodate all kinds of bacteria, virus, and other germs and microorganisms. Hand sanitizers are alcohol-based formulations and it is preferred to use them instead of traditional hand cleaning methods like soap and water. Thus, hand sanitizers are considered more effective at killing all microorganisms.

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Hand Sanitizers Market to Grow with Rising Hygiene Awareness

A recent study stated that children using hand sanitizers are less prone to the usual viral and respiratory infections compared to children who use soap and water and those who do not use simply water to clean their hands. On a global level, people are generally aware of the various diseases that are prevailing and this has created awareness in terms of health consciousness and personal hygiene. Hand sanitizer market is thus, anticipated to grow at a remarkable rate in the years to come.

Generally, the global market for hand sanitizers has its end use segmentation into hospitals and clinics, schools, restaurants, household purpose and others. Among these, schools and hospitals and clinics seem to be dominating the overall market share. Schools give basic education regarding personal hygiene and hospitals and clinics are places where it is extremely necessary to be germ free in order to stay away from direct contact with different germs and bacteria. Thus, over the years it is anticipated that hand sanitizers market will see an impressive rise in revenue with better health and hygiene standards.

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