Non-Diary Beverages Augments Growth of Beverage Industry

Beverage industry has been growing ever since the covid-19 pandemic broke out, however it is not free of challenges and only time can tell us, if it would uphold the same market gains in the coming years.

The beverage industry is said to be posed with challenges such as increase in prices, supply chains issues, etc.

According to one of the leading market research companies in the United States, there are a few beverages which witnessed the accelerated sales during the pandemic period and projected to continue the trend in the coming years.

One of the beverage options that has been growing steadily over the years is non- diary beverage industry, this is owing to large number of consumers shifting to vegan lifestyle.

Here are the 6 key beverage industry trends to watch in 2022-

Plant Based Beverages:  

With the rising awareness among the consumers, the beverage industry is observing a surge in the demand for plant-based alternatives. Though the demand came from the vegans predominantly in the early years, the market is now also witnessing the trend of omnivores, semi- vegetarians transitioning towards the plant-based alternatives as they are now more concerned about their health, and animal cruelty in the dairy industry.

At present, it is almond milk that is witnessing the trend for high demand, however as per the market research soon the market will be taken over by the oats milk under the diary free beverages section. 

Sugar free Alternatives:

Due to the increase in population with diseases such as diabetes, the consumers are switching towards sugar free options in the beverage industry. Rising awareness is also another factor that is leading the way for sugar free beverage industry to thrive in 2022. Some of the already existing options in this regard have been – Red Bull Sugar Free, Coke Zero Sugar, etc. Hence, the beverage companies are coming up with more such options to cash in on beverage industry trends in 2022.

CBD Beverages:

The CBD beverages is a new product line in the market and observing a growth trend in the industry. Although the FDA has not approved the CBD drinks in the food and beverage industry for interstate supplies, some companies are still marketing the same with in the state. The CBD beverage is expected to grow due to its calming effects for people with chronic pain and inflammation. It is also said to be effective in people with seizures, thus this again is one of the key beverage industry trends to watch out in 2022.

Hybrid Beverages:

The hybrid beverages are gaining popularity in the beverage industry, the hybrid beverage is derived out of blending different drinks. For instance – Soda with a caffeine tinge, Coke with coffee is one such drink.

Thus, this again is one of the 6 key beverage trends to watch in 2022, as this section of the drinks is steadily gaining its place on the beverage shelves.

Better for You Wave is Spreading its Wings-

The better for your product or beverage range is catching in the market ever since the covid pandemic broke out. These beverages include clean labels, sugar free, natural ingredients, and less calories etc. This range of beverage offer immunity, probiotic, minerals, antioxidants, owing to the growth of key beverage industry in 2022.

Sustainability in Delivery:

The plastic packaging is a major concern in the food and beverage industry; thus the companies are switching to compostable, biodegradable, recyclable packaging modes, that may reduce the carbon foot print in the environment. This attribute is yet another factor in 6 key beverage industry trends to watch in 2022.

Emerging Technologies to Boost Demand-

Thanks to the emerging technologies in the beverage industry that aims at providing sustainability during the climate change concerns that is gripping the world slowly. E- commerce is another platform that is meeting the ever-growing customer preference. Above mentioned 6 key beverage industry trends shows a good growth opportunities in the future, thus the market is expected to flourish in 2022 as well.