Green Data Center Market Trends, Share and Future Growth Analysis Report

AI forms a major part in energy conservation and is seen as a future to cool the data centers around the world. According to, Huwei’s i-cooling technology powered with AI determines the parameters and implements energy efficient adjustments resulting in reduced power consumption. AI is being looked upon with a lot of optimism as far as the future of cooling technology is concerned. Its role in creating greener data centers will be further probed, and subsequent investments are likely to follow.

The global green data center adoption is projected to grow owing to a host of broader factors, most importantly, growing investment in information technology. As green data centers provide maximum efficiency with low environmental impact, its demand for data storage and processing is increasing among big IT hubs.

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Political Backing Helping Market Development

As per the Paris Climate Agreement, many countries have agreed to take steps for reducing green-house emissions. Globally IT sectors are emerging as leading players for green data centers and energy consumption.

Cost of building or replacing a green data center is comparatively more in comparison with traditional data centers. Less awareness regarding long term savings with the help of green data centers are holding companies to invest in such projects. However, some companies are tackling with the challenges by replacing some traditional equipment with green solutions thus, saving the constructional expenses.

Green Revolution Cooling (GRC) has been awarded a place in Essentia Trading Limited (ETL) Zero Carbon Delivery Framework in February 2021 to enable any UK public sector the ability to acquire low and zero carbon infrastructure investments.

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Asia Pacific is anticipated to be the leading market with the highest population and thus, growing use of internet and smart phone among youth. As per report by Indian Cellular and Electronic Association, the smart phone usage in India is expected to reach 820 million till 2022.