Recent Google Update with Google Feed Coming Soon

On Wednesday, Google announced a new version of its search application on phones which would comprise a personalized feed of links regarding sports, travel, hobbies, and other topics. Being the world’s largest search engine, and also a unit of Alphabet – Google, said that the changes would be coming out in U.S on Wednesday and in the other countries in upcoming weeks. The new update will be named ‘Google Feed’.

New Google Updates and Its Features

As said by Google, the update might comprise of a link to website, with tips regarding a forthcoming vacation place, or it might include a link to a webpage with information about certain hobbies like cycling. Google Feed might recommend links in light of a client’s Google search history and also information from other Google administrations, for example, YouTube, Gmail and Google Calendar, the organization said. In expansion to using Google Feed on mobile applications, the organization is taking a peek at connecting it to the web browsers in some frame or another, Shashi Thakur, who is a second VP for engineering in Google, said during the preparation.

Google and other social networking sites such as Facebook, are craving for attention online and for advertising revenue. Both the Silicon Valley companies are expected to take in approximately 50% of total online advertisement expenditure in coming years. Although, Ben Gomes, VP of engineering at Google, stated that initially they were not planning to include ads in Google Feed. Gomes also said that Google Feed is about the interest of the person using his/her personal Google Feed and not about other people’s interest.