GoFundMe Launches Studio to Produce Films for its Campaigns

GoFundMe has stacked up more than US$4 billion in donations at the largest platform in the world for setting up donation campaigns for people. This is done in part by taking advantage of the power of social media to motivate people to share their experiences and stories for these campaigns, with the best of these often becoming viral hit over the internet. Now, to explore deeper into the projected US$500 million in generous donations that are made across the globe per year, the company is working to add a fresh feature into the mix as it wants to tap into the mass popularity of video, presently the most trending medium on social media.

GoFundMe is stepping foot into a new area called GoFundMe Studios, where they will produce and shoot films both as clips and short movies, based on the few select campaigns on the platform.

The studio will be headed by two people namely, Chris Neil – a well-known name in the Hollywood production field, and Wil Tidman – VP of original productions and creative strategy at GoPro.

The studio will soon release its first film called ‘Jim Ford, Repo Man’ which is nine minute long. There are many other films already in the production pipeline. The overall scenario is pretty compelling and is above and beyond the aspect of donation , which talks a lot about GoFundMe’s emotive nature (and also perhaps, what rules the content world around the internet these days).

The company is now increasingly focusing on a successful launch of the GoFundMe Studios and trying to gather more powerful content. It is trying to amplify the content, bring in new features and tools to the community to make helping each other much easier.