Near-Eye Display Market Projected to Grow with Adoption of Industry Solutions in VR Devices

Growing adoption of the near-eye display in VR devices or virtual reality has been expected to drive revenue generation opportunities in the near-eye display market in the coming years. The affordability of the computing platforms due to the rising adoption of VR devices and their mass production is also likely to bolster expansion opportunities in the near-eye display market. Virtual reality and augmented reality are considered great technologies that use the solutions from the near-eye display market and thus propel growth avenues in the industry.

On the flip side, the usage of AR devices for a longer duration is likely to result in health issues due to long-term exposure to some harmful electromagnetic frequency radiation. Along with this, the lenses used for near-eye display are also expected to result in optical distortions and it further hinders growth impetuses in the near-eye display market.

The key players serving in the near-eye display market are TriLite technologies GmbH, Sony Group Corporation, JBD Xianyao Display Technology, eMagin Corporation, Plessey, Himax Technologies Inc., Syndiant Inc., Kopin Corporation, BOE Technology Group Co. Ltd., and Microoled Technologies.


Geographical Insights of Near-Eye Display Market

Based on region, the near-eye display market has been segmented into Latin America, Europe, North America, Asia Pacific, and the Middle East & Africa. These regions are further classified on the basis of countries. Of these, Asia Pacific has been projected to account for the maximum share in the near-eye display market owing to increased adoption of VR and AR technologies in highly populated regional countries. Further, the lightweight nature and cost-effectiveness of these bear eye display devices have also been expected to stimulate companies to adopt technology from the near-eye display market. These factors are likely to serve as revenue generators in the near-eye display market.

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