Lawsuit against General Motors Claims Deceit on Diesel Truck Emissions

A law firm in Seattle, which holds a reputation of suing automakers has filed a lawsuit against General Motors. It has accused that some of the heavy-duty pickup trucks manufactured by General Motors are designed to evade diesel emission tests.

The company lost almost 2 per cent share, as the news of the lawsuit broke on Thursday. The lawsuit connotes intense scrutiny of methods devised by automakers to adhere stringent regulations concerning diesel-emission, as issue that has already stoked legal cases Fiat Chrysler and Volkswagen. However, when contacted General Motors denied allegations made by the law firm calling then baseless and also made clear that they plan to vigorously defend themselves.

However, whether environmental regulators would set investigations into the issue and scrutinize emission-control technology integrated by GM in its diesel trucks is still not known.

Lawsuits against Auto Manufacturers Earlier Filed by Hagens Barman Sobol Shapiro

The law suit against General Motors is filed by Hagens Berman Sobol Shapiro. The law firm specializes in taking class actions against auto companies. Prior to the diesel-emission suit against Chevrolet Cruze by General Motors, the firm has filed a case against Fiat Chrysler, which is still pending. A few days earlier the firm had filed a suit against Mercedes-Benz, which was dismissed. Previously, Hagens Berman has filed liability claims, not related to emission though, against companies such as Kia Motors, Ford Motor, Tesla, and several other companies.

John German, who works with the International Council on Clean Transportation as a senior fellow said that he has reviewed details pertaining to the lawsuit and that there isn’t enough information to comment on anything at present. He also said that he is unsure if emission controls lawsuit against GM even amounted to a legal defeat device.