Technological Advancement to Propel Growth in Global Gasifier Market

San Francisco, California, September 17, 2018 – Gasifier is a device that is utilized to convert natural materials or carbonaceous into hydrogen, carbon dioxide, and carbon monoxide. The resulting combination is synthesis gas (syngas) and some other final results is utilized in different end-use ventures, for example, power generation, transportation, fertilizers, and chemical. The global market for gasifiers is to a great extent supplemented by developing rising adoption of biomass energy. Be that as it may, the high capital venture required for the establishment of gasifiers is hampering the development prospects of the market.

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Increasing gasification activities alongside the surging demand for syngas is adding to the development of the locale. The rich accessibility of coal and the flooding interest for clean energy are making a stunning volume of demand for gasifiers. The development of North America and Europe can be credited to progressions in innovations related to gasifiers.

Consistent advancement in technology for the launch of prevalent gasification innovation are molding the eventual fate of the market. Product development will be one of the key development methodologies for global players to upgrade their presence in the market. The market is anticipated to see an expansion in mergers and acquisitions and joint ventures, which is foreseen to escalate the competition in the overall gasifiers market.

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The procedure of gasification joins a wide extent of activities, which make them helpful in various applications. In such manner, the global gasifier market can be divided into stainless steel ventures including the heat treatment of heaters, substitute for petro-fuel in lime kilns, industrial kilns, galvanizing industries, thermal applications, hot air generators, and power production utilizing double fuel application. Regarding end-use, the global gasifier market represents five key segments, which are fertilizer industry, chemical industry, power industry, gaseous fuel industry, and liquid fuel industry.

Gasifier Market : Overview By Upcoming Challenges and Future Forecast 2025

Global Gasifier Market: Snapshot

Gasifier is an equipment that is used to convert carbonaceous or organic materials into hydrogen, carbon monoxide, and carbon dioxide. The resulting mixture is synthesis gas (syngas) and other end products is used in various end-use industries such as transportation, power generation, chemical, and fertilizers. The global market for gasifiers is largely supplemented by growing popularity of biomass energy. However, the high capital investment required for the installation of gasifiers is hampering the growth prospects of the market.

The key segments analyzed in the report on the basis of geography are Asia Pacific, North America, Latin America, Europe, and the Middle East and Africa. Asia Pacific will register a high demand for gasifiers. Increasing gasification activities along with the soaring demand for syngas is contributing to the growth of the region. The abundant availability of coal and the surging demand for clean energy are creating a staggering volume of demand for gasifiers. The growth of North America and Europe can be attributed to advancements in technologies pertaining to gasifiers.

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Continuous technological advancements for the introduction of superior gasification technology are shaping the future of the market. Product innovation will be one of the key growth strategies for global participants to enhance their visibility in the market. The market is expected to witness an increase in mergers and acquisitions and joint ventures, which is likely to intensify the competition in the global gasifier market.

Global Gasifier Market: Brief Account

The global gasifier market has emerged as a revolutionary pool of the providers of crucial chemical production and energy conservation products and technologies. The international market for gasifiers has witnessed strong growth as the need for energy in the form of electricity is augmenting at a considerable rate. Gasifiers are connected to a power grid spread across a larger space to supply electrical as well as thermal energy, especially in countryside areas, at various magnitudes, viz. small, medium, and large.

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On the basis of the type of device, gasifiers can be graded as large gasifiers and small gasifiers, each of which exhibit different capabilities and find different usages in various sectors. Some of these devices are significantly large whereas others are significantly small in size. For instance, remotely located rural areas employ stove-sized gasifiers for cooking purpose, whereas heavy industries or refineries using low-quality coal require very large gasifiers, such as integrated gasification and combined cycle (IGCC) and base load power plant, to suffice their powering need.

With such indispensable factors in position, the global gasifier market is expected to see a continuing rise in the near future.

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Global Gasifier Market: Trends and Prospects

The health risks associated with a massive amount of waste generated on a regular basis in populated nations has increased the need to deploy gasifiers. The primary reason for this growing demand for gasifiers is their unique functionality in effectively dealing with waste. These special devices also find usage in efficient coal gasification, waste disposal, and most importantly, biomass gasification. Another vital usage of gasifiers is controlling the quantity of feedstock waste following the process of gasification when producing syngas. Waste can be used as feedstock during the waste gasification process for efficient production of electricity or synthetic fuels.

Gasification technologies such as IGCC can be installed to ensure that the approach of clean coal is taken to control industrial emissions and carbon tax. They have been developed as a crucial means of generating power while doing away with health and environmental issues. Besides this, an industrial plant can improve its operational efficiency and reduce costs to some extent by producing more than one product, other than electricity, through gasification.

Global Gasifier Market: Outline of Prime Segments

The process of gasification incorporates a broad scope of activities, which make them useful in different applications. In this regard, the global gasifier market can be segmented into stainless steel industries involving the heat treatment of furnaces, substitute for petro-fuel in industrial kilns, lime kilns, galvanizing industries, hot air generators, thermal applications, and power production using dual-fuel application.

Depending on the industrial plant configuration, a specific type of gasifier can be installed. The product type categorization of the global gasifier market includes three major segments, viz. fixed bed, fluidized bed, and entrained flow gasifier.

In terms of end-user, the global gasifier market exhibits five vital segments, which are chemical industry, fertilizer industry, power industry, liquid fuel industry, and gaseous fuel industry.

Global Gasifier Market: Companies Covered under the Report

Vulcan Gasifier, Dakota Gasification Company, Gasifier Manufacturing, LLC, PRM Energy Systems, Inc., Phoenix BioEnergy LLC, Borgford BioEnergy LLC, PHG Energy, and Enginuity Energy LLC are expected to dominate the global gasifier market as major players. Other firms that are anticipated to make a mark with the gasification technology include Zeropoint, GE Energy, GASEK, Gasification Technologies Ltd., Plasma Gasification, Taiyuan Coal Gasification, and Nexterra.

Biomass Gasifier-based Power Generation Ray of Hope for Energy in Rural India

San Francisco, California, June 08, 2017: TMR Research presents a new market study on the global gasifier memory market. The report, titled “Gasifier Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast 2017- 2025,” analyzes the growth trends and demand dynamics of the global gasifier market between 2017 and 2025. The report employs industry-centric analytical tools and research methodologies to present a SWOT analysis of the said market until the end of the forecast period in 2025.

Gasifier is an equipment used for converting carbonaceous or organic materials into carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and hydrogen. This results in a mixture of synthesis gas and other end products that are used across transportation, chemicals, and power generation industries.

The global gasifier market is displaying strong growth with the increasing demand for energy in the form of electricity. Gasifiers are in the loop of a power grid that is spread across a large space to supply thermal and electrical energy. They are particularly connected to power grid in the countryside that are of various magnitudes.

In terms of type, gasifiers can be classified as small and large gasifiers. Both small and large gasifiers exhibit different capabilities and find application in various sectors. For instance, rural areas use stove-size gasifiers for cooking whereas heavy industries that use low-quality coal use very large gasifiers.

The massive amounts of waste that is generated especially in urban areas has increased the need of gasifiers. This is because of the unique functionality of gasifiers to effectively deal with waste. Gasifiers also find use in efficient coal gasification and most importantly in biomass gasification. Another important use of gasifiers in in controlling the quantity of feedstock waste after gasification in the process for producing syngas.

Gasification involves several activities that makes it suitable for different applications. Thus, gasifier market can be classified into stainless steel industries that involves heat treatment of furnaces, lime kilns, and hot air generators.

By end-user, the global gasifier market can be segmented into chemical industry, power industry, gaseous fuel industry, fertilizer industry, and liquid fuel industry. The gasifier market can be analyzed on the basis of key geographical segment which include North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, and the Middle East and Africa.

Some of the key vendors in the global gasifier market are Vulcan Gasifier, Gasifier Manufacturing LLC, Phoenix BioEnergy LLC, PHG Energy, Dakota Gasification Company, PRM Energy Systems Inc., Borgford BioEnergy LLC, and Enginuity Energy LLC. Some other vendors thata re expected to make a mark in the gasifier market include Zeropoint, GASEK, Plasma Gasification, Nexterra, GE Energy, Gasification Technologies Ltd., and Taiyuan Coal Gasification.