Frequency Synthesizer Market Sluggish Growth Rate by 2025

Global Frequency Synthesizer Market: Overview

Frequency synthesizers are a type of electronic circuit commonly used for creating multiple frequencies based on an oscillator or a timebase that is single fixed. Most modern devices make use of some form of frequency synthesizers, as they are an inseparable part of technologies such as televisions, radio receivers, CB radios, mobile telephones, and short range transmitter-receiver systems. The common concepts that a frequency synthesizer makes use of are frequency mixing, direct digital synthesis, frequency division, and frequency multiplication.

The uses of frequency synthesizers in modern electronics can be found in the industry verticals of telecoms, measurement and research, and the defense and aerospace sectors. One of the primary requirements of a frequency synthesizer is to obtain a signal of high purity and stability from a standalone emitter while providing a low phase noise performance, a large output frequency range, and a high switching speed.

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Global Frequency Synthesizer Market: Key Trends

Several factors are currently responsible for the overall growth of the global frequency synthesizer market, the leading one among which is the increasing use of frequency synthesizers in mobile technology. The demand and usage of smart phones and mobile phones is increasing at a very high rate across the world. This large scale usage of cellular devices is creating the need use frequency synthesizers to generate purer signals. The demand volume in the global frequency synthesizer market is also likely to continue increasing over the coming years, thanks to the growing use of ICs that make use of radiofrequencies.

The global frequency synthesizer market is, however, being restrained by factors including the high cost of research-based frequency synthesizers.

Global Frequency Synthesizer Market: Market Potential

Current breakthroughs in the global frequency synthesizer market are largely associated with the incoming advancements in mobile networking technologies, or 5G technologies. While field testing and standardization of 5G technologies is being conducted at lightning fast rates, players in the global frequency synthesizer market are yet to identify worthy avenues of investment. Nokia, for instance, is claiming a massive potential in the upcoming waves of 5G technologies melded with the IoT boom. The use of advanced frequency synthesizers can be a perfect fit to puzzle that is the provision of everything-as-a-service. Nokia is eyeing the potential of using advanced networking technologies in the Asia Pacific region, which already has a large scale of users for mobile networking and cloud based technologies.

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Global Frequency Synthesizer Market: Regional Outlook

Geographically, the global frequency synthesizer market can be segmented into North America, Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East and Africa. The overall growth rate of the market is expected to continue being strongly influenced by the high rate of developments and implementation in North America. Europe is showing a similarly high rate of demand for frequency synthesizer equipment. Meanwhile, the MEA and Asia Pacific regions are likely to show a phenomenal rate of growth in demand within the global frequency synthesizer market over the coming years. Most key countries in these regions are showing a massive upswing in the advancements of telecom infrastructure, fueling the demand for the latest networking technologies.

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Global Frequency Synthesizer Market: Competitive Analysis

Currently, the leading players in the global frequency synthesizer market include Texas Instruments Inc., Ultra Electronics, National Instruments, Analog Devices Inc., and Qorvo, Inc. The overall competitive index in the global frequency synthesizer market is expected to remain high over the coming years, primarily due to the imminent arrival of 5G technologies. The growing implementation of high-speed data services over mobile devices will continue bringing in new waves of innovations and investments from players of all sizes in the market. Other factors prominent in the global frequency synthesizer market’s competitive landscape include mergers and acquisitions, business expansions, partnerships, product innovations and new product launches.

5G Technologies to Bolster Global Frequency Synthesizer Market

San Francisco, California, February 09, 2018: The global market for frequency synthesizers has seen an eruptive demand in recent times due to the growth of the electronics sector. Frequency synthesizers are essentially a category of electronic circuits that help in creating multiple frequencies with a single-fixed oscillator. All contemporary electronic devices use frequency synthesizers to some extent; these synthesizers make use of direct digital synthesis, frequency multiplication, frequency mixing, and frequency division. A report by TMR titled “Frequency Synthesizer Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Trends, Analysis, Growth, and Forecast 2017 – 2025” gives an overview of the market within the given timeframe. The report is in sync with the latest trends within the frequency synthesizers market. A pragmatic methodology was devised to gauge the progress of the market over the coming years. The frequency synthesizers hold utility for several domains including research and measurement, aerospace, telecom, and defense. These synthesizers provide a large output frequency range, low phase noise performance, and a high switching speed.

Mobile technology has been making rampant strides of development in recent times. Hence, the heavy employability of frequency synthesizers in mobile technologies ensures that the market grows alongside the growth of the latter. The frequency synthesizers generate pure and stable signals that hold integral importance for cellular devices. CB radios, televisions, short range transmitters and receivers, and radio receivers also use these synthesizers, thus, creating demand within the market.

The market is expected to elevate to a greater value in the coming years, yet there are certain factors that restrain the growth of the market. The high costs of frequency synthesizers pose the most daunting threat to the market. It is important to regulate the prices of these products in order to retain a substantial demand within the market. As a positive sign for the market, efforts to leverage 5G technologies have surfaced across the globe. If the market players can spot the growth spaces in the cotemporary scenario, they can hugely benefit from the market. Furthermore, Internet of Things (IoT) is also expected to play an instrumental role in enhancing thr prospects of market growth. Nokia has already expressed its willingness to exploit the blend of 5G technologies and IoT in order to benefit itself.

On a regional scale, the global market for frequency synthesizer could be segmented into Asia Pacific, Europe, North America, the Middle East and Africa, and Latin America. North America is expected to register a high growth rate over the coming years on account of the rapid developments in technology across North America. Europe will also tread along an affluent growth path due to the governmental efforts to strengthen technology. The telecom infrastructure in the Middle East and Africa and Asia Pacific has seen tremendous progress in recent times. This will add up to the growth of the market in these regions. Overall, the geographical landscape shows a bright picture with all the regions at the brink of development.

The leading market players within the global frequency synthesizer market include National Instruments, Ultra Electronics, Qorvo, Inc, Texas Instruments Inc., and Analog Devices Inc. The arrival of 5G technologies is expected to take the competitive scenario to new levels. The need for high-speed data is expected to compel market players to invent novel methods and technologies. Other strategies expected to be adopted by market players include mergers, acquisitions, and partnerships.

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