Growing Usage of Cellular Phone Creating Demand for Frequency Synthesizer Market

Frequency synthesizers are a kind of electronic circuit that are commonly used for developing multiple frequencies depending upon an a time base or oscillator that is single fixed. Majority of modern devices use of some form of radio frequency synthesizers, as they are an indispensable part of technologies such as radio receivers, televisions, mobile telephones, CB radios, and short range transmitter-receiver systems. The common concepts that a frequency synthesizer makes use of are frequency mixing, direct digital synthesis, frequency division, and frequency multiplication.

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The uses of frequency synthesizers in modern electronics can be found in the industry verticals of telecoms, measurement and research, and the defense and aerospace sectors. One of the primary requirements of a frequency synthesizer is to obtain a signal of high purity and stability from a standalone emitter while providing a low phase noise performance, a large output frequency range, and a high switching speed.

Increasing Demand for High End Mobile Phones to Drive Market Growth

Several factors are currently responsible for the overall growth of the global frequency synthesizer market, the leading one among which is the increasing use of frequency synthesizers in mobile technology. The demand and usage of smart phones and mobile phones is increasing at a very high rate across the world. This large scale usage of cellular devices is creating the need use frequency synthesizers to generate purer signals. The demand volume in the global frequency synthesizer market is also likely to continue increasing over the coming years, thanks to the growing use of ICs that make use of radiofrequencies. The global frequency synthesizer market is, however, being restrained by factors including the high cost of research-based frequency synthesizers.

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Currently, the leading players in the global frequency synthesizer market include Texas Instruments Inc., Ultra Electronics, National Instruments, Analog Devices Inc., and Qorvo, Inc.