Global Facade Market: Curtain Walls to Develop High Demand

San Francisco, California, October 31, 2017: The growth of the global façade market is attributed majorly to the growing demand for alternative electricity sources across commercial and residential buildings, states TMR Research in its latest report. The report is titled “Facade Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Trends, Analysis, Growth, and Forecast 2017 – 2025.” The rapidly growing construction industry will also positively influence the global façade market. As a result of technological advancements, there has been an advent of energy saving façade materials. This will create promising growth potential in the future years. The growth of sustainable and eco-friendly bioclimatic second skin products will also help this market to grow. The durability and elastic properties of aluminum and glass are expected to be highly in demand. The demand for these materials is high on account of the ease they provide to designers for giving the desired shape and size to facades.

With progressive innovations many limitations regarding soundproofing and excess heat are dealt with the development of composite materials. Plastic, steel, fiber, and ceramic are some of the materials that are considered important by end users in the façade market. However, aluminum and glass based composite materials are preferred in cases where high transparency and low weight are desired. Ventilated products will draw healthy demand on account of their ability to shield buildings from rain and wind. These wall coverings help in keeping the building dry and also help in soundproofing it. The ventilated facades also help in offering heat insulation to the interiors of a building. However, curtain walls and classic designs are expected to continue to witness consistent growth in the global façade market.

The growing disposable income of consumers in emerging nations such as China, India, Japan, Brazil, and GCC nations will fuel the growth of the global façade industry. There will be a high demand for façade materials as organizations across the globe strive to give a secure environment to their employees. Among the various façade materials and products, curtain walls are expected to generate higher revenue on account of the increasing application in commercial buildings. Curtain walls comprise glass materials which maintain a warm atmosphere in buildings as they transmit heat, despite cold temperature outside. On account of this feature, curtain walls are finding their application in residential sector. The demand for curtain walls will increase from the developed regions in the years to come.

While classic designs are in trend at present, this trend will soon be replaced by eco-friendly, contemporary designs in the years to come. The growing demand from industrial and commercial sectors as well as the ease of procuring the raw materials will propel the growth opportunities of the global façade market. On the basis of geography, Asia Pacific will expand at a high CAGR on account of the flourishing industrial sector and lucrative opportunities offered by emerging nations in Southeast Asia, India, and China. Asia is estimated to continue to remain the most lucrative regional segment throughout the forecast period. Governments are implementing stringent policies and encouraging the use of eco-friendly materials, which will further the growth of the global façade market. North America and Europe will collectively hold key shares in the façade market on account of the growing affinity towards adopting advanced building materials. Europe and North America are extremely adaptive to novel technologies and this will create attractive growth prospects for the façade market.

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