Embedded Non-volatile Memory Rides High on Automotive Applications

San Francisco, California, May, 25, 2017 : TMR Research presents a new market study on the global embedded non-volatile memory market. The report, titled “Embedded Non-volatile Memory (eNVM) Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Trends, Analysis, Growth, and Forecast 2017 – 2025,” looks into market dynamics and growth trends that are expected to have a bearing on the said market for the forecast period between 2017 and 2025. Using industry-centric analytical tools, the report presents a SWOT analysis of the market for the aforementioned forecast period.

Embedded non-volatile memory comprises a small-sized chip, which is extensively used in various applications of embedded system. It is mainly used in smart card, display driver IC, SIM card, microcontrollers, and PMIC for several uses such as trimming, redundancy, data encryption, identification, and coding.

The increasing use of IoT-based devices and services predominantly in emerging economies is expected to have a positive influence on the growth of embedded non-volatile memory market in the next few years. Furthermore, the rising need for ubiquitously connected inexpensive products is expected to supplement this market’s growth. The rapid increase of IoT-based devices is projected to bolster the demand for innovative products during the forecast horizon.

Asia Pacific currently leads the global market for embedded non-volatile memory and is expected to retain its lead position until the end of the forecast period in 2025. The region is expected to display a healthy growth rate and account for a significant share of the global market. In this region, the increasing demand from companies involved in the manufacturers of IoT-based devices is expected to boost the growth of this market in the forthcoming years.

North America is expected to display significant growth in the forecast horizon as the region is home to several key manufacturers of embedded non-volatile memory.

The report discusses the embedded non-volatile memory market from a competitive standpoint as well. Key players in this market are focused on technological innovations and research and development activities in order to establish a brand name and thereby enhance market presence. Mergers and acquisitions and strategic alliances are the also the focus of key players for growth opportunities. Key manufacturers in this market are also focused on scaling down semiconductors side, which in turn will reduce cost significantly and increase efficiency of products.

Some top players in the global embedded non-volatile memory market include GlobalFoundries, United Microcontroller Corporation, eMemory Technology Inc., Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation, HHGrace, and Kilopass.