Endorsed for Skin Health, Demand for Edible Flowers to continue to Prosper

Rising awareness of the health benefits of edible flowers is resulting in new growth opportunities for the edible flowers market. People across the world are increasingly using edible flowers in their food and beverages for their health benefits. For example, deeper colored flowers contain high antioxidants content. In addition, deeper colored flowers are rich in vitamin A, C, and E. Some flowers contain high amount of Vitamin D, and some edible flowers are rich source of fiber. Regular intake of edible flowers with vitamins helps to improve stomach health, further boosting the edible flowers market. Edible flowers benefit skin health too.

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Edible flowers are increasingly being used in anti-aging supplements for their skin benefits. Increasing uptake of naturally sourced skin supplements is resulting in uptick in demand for edible flowers. Furthermore, endorsements by nutritional experts for the nutritional value of edible flowers is another key factor spurting demand for edible flowers. Collectively, such factors are fuelling the edible flowers market.

Use in Food and Beverages for Color and Flavor upticks Demand

Thriving food and beverages industry is opening new avenues for the edible flowers market. Food and beverages prepared for commercial use are mostly made attractive using coloring, including edible flowers for natural coloring. Adverse effects of long term use of synthetic colors, and risk of spoiled taste and texture due to these colors makes naturally sourced food coloring preferred. This includes edible flowers for their natural color and flavor.

At the competitive front, the edible flowers market is highly fragmented due to the presence of considerable number of large players. Competition in the market is intense as players are employing diverse growth strategies to garner higher market share. Savvy players are investing in R&D for superior quality products to expand their product offerings. Key players in the edible flowers market include Cottage Botanicals, Maddocks Farm Organics, Herbs Unlimited, Agriver Ltd, Fresh Origins LLC, and Nouvelle Fresh.

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