Rising Purchase of Smart Phones to Drive Dynamic Random Access Memory Market

In the last decade, the sales volume of smart phones and connected devices has sky-rocketed. With upgradation of technology, many brands have introduced cell phones with low cost and maximum features. The increasing usage of internet and high volumes of data demands high processing speeds in computers and phones. This influences demand for the global dynamic random access memory market.

Today, every smartphone has several mobile applications that run on internet and at the same time handle different forms of data like images, videos, and music. To ensure devices do not hang while storing or processing large volumes of data, dynamic random access memory is needed. This augments demand in the global dynamic random access memory market.

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At the same time, the growth in use of computers in governments and corporates is a positive. Most of the corporate world has migrated to digital media and requires computers. This trend is only expected to move north in the future, thus propelling demand in the global dynamic random access memory market.

Developing Countries like India and China to Push Demand in Asia Pacific
Asia Pacific will emerge as the leader of the global dynamic access memory market. The per capita income of people in developing economies like India and China are rising over the past few years. This has increased the purchasing power, thus creating demand for smart phones and other connected devices. At the same time, penetration of internet and support from government in digitizing several state processes are expected to spell growth for the global dynamic random access memory market. Economic development also opens opportunities jobs and improved educational infrastructure, thus creating demand for the product.

North America and Europe will continue to maintain the momentum. The developed internet infrastructure will sustain demand for smartphones and computers, thus positively affecting the global dynamic random access memory market.

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