Double-Wall Corrugated Box Market to Expand as Packaging Technologies Undergo Improvements

The presence of a seamless sector for packaging and supplies has generated humongous demand within the global double-wall corrugated box market. The use of these boxes has gone beyond traditional applications in packaging and storage. Several industries are using these boxes to prevent their inventories and stockpiled goods from external attacks. Although these boxes have an upper limit to bearing strain and pressure, they perform commendably well in moderate conditions. The packaging industry has been on a rampage to discover new technologies, designs, and materials that can impart resilience to packaging lines. Corrugated boxes have been a part of the packaging industry for several decades now. Therefore, the global double-wall corrugated box market is seated to grow by a noticeable chase.

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Use of Improved Packaging Materials

The next decade is expected to witness the inflow of fresh revenues into the global double-wall corrugated box market. There is increasing relevance of new packaging materials as goods safety becomes an industrial priority. There is little contention about the supreme performance of corrugated boxes, and their traditional usage in the packaging sector has aided market growth. Researchers are now looking at developing new materials that can be used to develop resilient, strong, and resistant corrugated boxes. New users of corrugated boxes across various industrial longitudes have gained visibility in the market. In light of the factors mentioned above, the global double-wall corrugated box market is set to grow by a dramatic chase. There is growing relevance of new-age packaging technologies in recent times.

Automation Technologies in Packaging

The integration of automation technologies with the packaging sector has created a plethora of opportunities for the current-day industry. Corrugated boxes can also be manufactured with the help of automated machines, creating new opportunities for growth across the market. Furthermore, the quest of the packaging industry to reduce manufacturing cost has led them to look for cost-effective alternatives. This is an important consideration from the standpoint of growth within the global double-wall corrugated box market. The food and beverages industry has emerged as prudent consumer of double-wall corrugated box. Several food distribution drives have come the fore in the current scenario, and most of the distribution material is stored in corrugated boxes. This trend shall play a defining role in driving sales across the global double-wall corrugated box market.

Advancements in Electronic Packaging

The electronics industry is characterised by the presence of seamless technologies from research to packaging. Packaging of electronics plays an important in defining the success of these devices across the selling chain. Electronic devices can be damaged during the process of transport, if packaged loosely. Therefore, electronic manufacturers pay optimal attention to the use of stress-resistant boxes for packaging devices. The recent rise in the number of devices corresponding to the electronics industry has given an impetus to market growth and maturity. In addition to this, supply of other goods such as food supplies and beverage cartons also involves the use of double-wall corrugated boxes.

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Some of the notable players operating in the global double-wall corrugated box market are Oji Holdings Corporation, Packaging Corporation of America. Pratt Industries Inc., Stora Enso Oyj, and Tat Seng Packaging Group Ltd.