DNA & RNA Banking Services Market – New Biobanking Approaches Enrich DNA & RNA Banking Services

Rise in prospects of personalized medicines for various hard-to-manage diseases is a key trend propelling demand for DNA & RNA banking services. The DNA & RNA banking services market has witness a robust impetus from the strides made in oncology. Growing healthcare burden of cancer, including the high mortality of some rare cancers, has spurred the DNA & RNA banking services market.

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Some of the key services classifications in the market are processing, quality control, storage, transportation, and data storage. New biobanking approaches have come to the fore, enriching the value chain. The need for new therapeutics for cancers has motivated the use of the DNA and RNA banking services. Growing clinical applications of RNA therapeutics is a key trend in this regard. In developed nations, imaging biobanks are being demanded for evaluating new drugs. Providers in the DNA & RNA banking services market are keen on integrating imaging and ‘omics’. Biobanks in some of the major markets are working on improving the interoperability, standardisation, and data management.

Application in Evaluating Novel Imaging Biomarkers for Cancer Opens New Vistas of Growth

The need for evaluating novel imaging biomarkers for cancer has opened up a new vista for companies in DNA & RNA banking services market. A case in point is focus on developing non-invasive biomarkers. Integration of imaging data with biobank databases has been a crucial development in this direction. Countries in Europe and North America have seen rise in public investments and funding to support such initiatives. These regions are seeing the emergence of multiple biobanks to meet a wide cross-section of end-user demands.

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Some of the key players in the market are Me, Inc. EasyDNA, ProteoGenex, Infinity Biologix, deCODE genetics, LGC Biosearch Technologies, GoodCell, DNA Genotek Inc., US Biolab Corporation, Inc., PreventionGenetics, Brooks Life Sciences, and Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.