Growing Popularity of Water Sports to Fuel Diving Suits Market

A diving suit refers to a piece of garment or device that is made to safeguard a diver from the perils of underwater environment. A diving suit might also integrate a supply of breathing gas, which is a standard atmospheric diving suit or diving dress. However, in most of the cases, it refers to the environmental protective covering that is worn by the diver. Diving suit is basically a watertight costume that is meant for underwater use, which is connected to a diving bell or to the surface by a tube that supplies air to the diver. 

The global diving suits market is estimated to observe considerable growth over the period of assessment, from 2019 to 2029. Rising number of people are getting involved with various types of recreational activities across the globe, which is likely to bolster expansion of the global diving suits market over the tenure of projection. These suits are gathering huge popularity due to widening scope of application, such as its increased use in various commercial operations and sea rescue activities. This factor is estimated to foster growth of the global diving suits market in the years to come.

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The global diving suits market is forecasted to observe growth in the growing use of diving suits in various commercial applications. Furthermore, growth of the travel and tourism industry is driving the demand for water sports, which is expected to propel growth of the global diving suits market in the years to come.

Increased Accessibility of Various Modes of Transport Drives Growth of the Market

The global diving suits market has been observing constant product innovation and developments in material technology over the last few years. Manufacturers in the global diving suits are making increased investment in the research and development activities to offer improved customer experience. Growing adoption of latest technologies and materials, such as no-stitch technology and polytherm tri-laminate material, are likely to work in favour of the market over the tenure of assessment, from 2019 to 2029.

In addition to that, the global travel and tourism industry has been experiencing rapid rise in tourism around coastal areas. Coastal tourism relies heavily on a blend of diverse resources at the fringe of ocean and land conditions, such as shorelines, water, sun, and others. A surge in the coastal tourism across the world is ascribed to changes in lifestyle of people together with augmented accessibility of various modes of transport and constant promotion of coastal tourism. Developments in the industry of coastal travel and tourism and incorporation of different segments such as hotel industry, food industry is likely to speed up the expansion of the coastal tourism industry. Such growth of coastal tourism has made water sports and other water-related activities popular across the globe. Diving has emerged as one of the most preferred water-related activities performed by coastal tourists. With the growing popularity of water sports, the demand for diving suits is expected to rise.

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Growing Popularity of Coastal Tourism Drives Asia Pacific to Register High Growth

North America is likely to come up as one of the major territorial segments in the global diving suits market and is estimated to retain its regional supremacy over the tenure of assessment. Presence of a large number of manufactures of diving suits, such as Aqua Lung International, Dive-Rite, and Cressi-sub in the region is likely to propel growth of the regional market.

In terms of revenue, the diving suits market in Asia Pacific is forecasted to experience rapid growth over the years of projection. Various Southeast Asian nations like Thailand, Vietnam, and Indonesia have observed a significant rise in the number of tourists participating in water-sports. This is likely to support growth of the regional market in the years to come.

Product Innovation Leads to Increased Competition in the Market

Companies in the global diving suits market are increasingly employing various strategies to expand their market share. Development of new products is one of the key features of this market as companies strive for attention of tourists. In February 2018, SCUBAPRO launched new line of products –  cold water diving suits in an effort to widen its reach and popularize its offerings.

Utilization of new materials and technology are further fuelling competition in the market. Some of the prominent market vendors are Riffe International, Inc., La Spirotechnique, Omer America, Diving Unlimited International, La Jolla Group, and SHEICO Group.