Amidst COVID-19, burgeoning Demand spurts Growth in Disinfectant Spray Market

Amidst COVID-19, need to maintain cleanliness and hygiene at every level to contain the spread of coronavirus is providing stimulus to the disinfectant spray market. Government guidelines in several countries to disinfect surfaces at regular intervals to prevent the virus from spreading has led to vast uptick in demand for disinfectant sprays. This includes use of disinfectant spray at domestic level, hospitals, medical institutions, and commercial establishments.

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To serve the ever-increasing demand, manufacturers of disinfectant sprays have ramped up production. Hospitals and medical institutions need to adhere to strict guidelines of sanitizing surfaces, floor, doors, and windows and other places of contact several times in a day that carry high risk of spread of the virus. This has opened vast opportunities in the disinfectant sprays market.

Expanding Product line to amplify revenue for Key Players

Rapid rise in demand for disinfectant sprays due to the pandemic has led to the entry of new players in the disinfectant sprays market. Several manufacturers of cleaning supplies are expanding their product line to include disinfectant sprays. Such initiatives are helping to bridge the demand supply gap for disinfectant spray amidst explosion of demand for disinfectant sprays. This, in turn, is amplifying the growth of disinfectant sprays market.

The disinfectant sprays market is largely fragmented with numerous small and large players in the fray. Expansion of production facilities and prospect of synergies with competitors for mutual gains is the focus of large players in the disinfectant sprays market. Small players, on the other hand, are vying to expand their distribution channels to increase their consumer base. Some prominent players in the disinfectant sprays market include 3M Company, Kimberly Clark Corporation, Henkel Corporation, Procter and Gamble Company, Unilever, Johnson & Johnson, DuPont, and Reckitt Benckiser Group plc.

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