Shift Toward 5G Networks to Accelerate Growth of the Digital Elevation Model Market

Digital elevation model or DEM refers to a digital cartographic dataset in three different coordinates, X, Y and Z. These coordinates have been obtained from photogrammetric or contour lines methods. Paradigm shift in the telecom industry toward 5G networks and rapid urbanization are likely to act as catalysts in the growth of the global digital elevation model market in the years to come.

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Digital elevation model enables town planners and authorities to prepare budgets and make planning of their development programs in accordance with the topographical nature of the prominent geographical areas. This technology assists in building safer and better infrastructure, such as highways, airports, dams, bridges, and many other important public projects. Use in multiple applications is expected to foster growth of the global digital elevation model market in the years to come. Several governments worldwide are exploring precise and accurate digital elevation models for optimum use of their geographical assets.

Favorable Government Policies Supporting Green Infrastructure to Boost Demand

These models are utilized for the purpose of road design and construction, management and maintenance of airports, railroad, and highways, drainage, urban environmental planning for assessment of construction, green landscaping, and infrastructure mapping and planning. Augmented demand for waterway maintenance and high-voltage power line and pipeline maintenance are likely to work in favor of the global digital elevation model market in the forthcoming years. Fast-faced urbanization and infrastructural development in developing parts of the world are anticipated to drive the demand for digital elevation model in the near future.

In many games, especially in video games, a map usually comprises essential elements. Mobile and computer games comprise various 3D and 2D terrain models that make use of spatial datasets, cartographic methodology, and various GIS technologies. Such technologically advanced games are made possible through use of digital elevation model. In addition, games with improved map resolution are gaining immense popularity amongst the youths across the globe.

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