Upward Growth Curve – Decoding Drivers of Growth in Dermatophytosis treatment Market

Health caregivers are witnessing increased incidence of fungi related infectious diseases. Dermatophytosis is fungal infection which is caused due to dermophytes. To manage the increased cases of such type of infections, new approaches to treatment and care are being evaluated for adoption. One such way forward includes dermatophytosis treatment.This aspect is projected to augur the growth of the dermatophytosis treatment market during the forecast period of 2017-2025.

Besides, the infection spreads on the keratin layer only and feeds on keratin for nutrition. The presence of fungus on the skin causes infection and allergic reactions which can affect the body parts such as feet, bearded skin, nails, groin, scalp, and others. This infection is caused due to hot weather and tight clothing as the fungus can thrive in such conditions. Anti-fungal creams namely micronazole, clotrimazole and others are effective in treating primary stage of infections. The severe infections require prescription of antibiotics and homecare to prevent the spread of infection. All these aspects are facilitating growth in the dermatophytosis treatment market.

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Rapidly Increasing Elderly Population with Low Immunity to Contribute Immensely to Growth in Dermatophytosis Treatment Market

The growing geriatric population with low immunity due to the age factor are highly prone to get contracted with fungal infections. It has been observed that geriatrics are surpassing number of children in the world. This geriatric demography has contributed to rising prevalence of dermatophytosis worldwide which demands treatment and ultimately projects substantial growth of the dermatophytosis treatment market.

Besides, the increase in fungal infections due to sedentary life style is leading to need for better treatment This is set to contribute to the growth of global dermatophytosis treatment market over the coming few years.

Various health organizations are taking initiatives to spread awareness about the causes of fungal infections and are promoting the methods of treating such infections by proper application of medicated creams and consumption of drugs as prescribed by the doctors. This aspect has further augmented the growth of the dermatophytosis treatment market.

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