Demand for Dermal Fillers Rise as Cosmetic Surgeries Gain Popularity

San Francisco, California, October 24, 2017: A recent market research report by TMR Research presents a detailed overview of the global market for dermal fillers. The report, titled “Dermal Filler Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Trends, Analysis, Growth, and Forecast 2017–2025,” states that the market will expand at a promising pace over the report’s forecast period as the patient pool of dermatological conditions rises at an alarming pace across the globe. Other than dermatological conditions, the market could also benefit from the increased usage of dermal fillers for esthetic or cosmetic surgeries as a way of restoring, reconstructing, or altering physical features of the human body.

As dermal fillers are a more convenient and relatively painless method of treating issues related especially to facial skin, the market for dermal fillers is expected to witness a significant rise in demand in the near future. There also has been a massive shift in consumer perception about skin treatment procedures and minimally invasive cosmetic treatments are witnessing a significant rise in adoption. Consumers are also giving more preference to skin treatments that lead to lesser instances of post-surgical complexities, low pain, less scarring, and require the least amount of incisions. As a result, the demand for dermal fillers is expanding at a promising pace.

Factors such as busy and stressful lifestyles, lack of regular physical activities, and diet imbalance are contributing to the increased prevalence of skin conditions such as deep lines, scars, and wrinkles. These factors are also indirectly adding to the overall demand for dermal fillers on a global front. However, certain factors that could hinder the growth opportunities of the global dermal filler market include the high cost of these treatments. This factor could play a key role in obstructing the growth of the market especially in developing economies to a major extent.

From a geographical standpoint, the report analyzes the dermal filler market across regions such as North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, and Middle East and Africa. The report states that the market has the most promising growth avenues in North America and is likely to continue to thrive in the region in the next few years as well.

While the North America market is expected to continue to account for the dominant share in the global dermal fillers market in the next few years as well, the Asia Pacific market is expected to emerge as the one with the most promising growth opportunities over the report’s forecast period. Factors attributed to the dominant stance of the Asia Pacific market in the global dermal filler market include the rising prevalence of a number of skin conditions, rising disposable incomes, and a constantly rising numbers of dermatology patients.

The report also presents a thorough analytical overview of the competitive landscape of the global dermal filler market. The report states that the market is highly competitive owing to the presence of a large number of regional as well as international companies. The competition is expected to become more intense in the next few years as companies focus on geographical expansion and strategic collaborations through mergers and acquisitions and partnerships. Some of the leading companies operating in the global dermal filler market profiled in the report are Galderma, Allergan, Merz Aesthetics, Syneron Medical Ltd., AQTIS Medical, and Bioha Laboratories.

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