Millennials key force behind demand for sustainable packaging, says industry expert

Millennials are driving the force behind the increase in demand for sustainable packaging. This population group is particularly concerned and is alert about the use of plastics in packaging, stated communications leader at United Caps at the Sustainability Week of the company earlier in January.

The shift toward sustainable packaging is visible from the fact that 89% of manufacturers that Deloitte interviewed are actively looking to incorporate more recycled material into packaging. In addition, 67% product manufacturers are already shifting from PET bottles to rPET.

Earlier, last year in August, Deloitte conducted a study and found avoiding single-use plastics is the most common way for consumers to demonstrate their commitment. According to findings of the study, 61% of consumers who were interviewed have cut back on products that use single-use plastics. Preference of 45% of respondents for local foods and awareness or focus on seasonality of 49% respondents are the next key areas of consumer concerns.

Ethical trade practices and sustainability challenges remain a key driver for almost one-third consumers who claim to have stopped purchasing some brands for such reasons.

Meanwhile, some key trends in the mind of customers for packaging of various food segments were highlighted by the communications leader. Consumers want more recyclable or compostable films and board-based and paper packaging for fresh fruits and vegetables.

For beverages, the approach in the minds of consumers is for plastic bottles that are more recyclable or completely made of recyclable material.

For dry fruit, preference among consumers is for recycled and recyclable plastic packaging as well as fiber-based packaging.

For packaging of dairy products, consumers prefer plastic packaging both flexible and rigid that is either recyclable or compostable or include recycled material.