Large Enterprises Raise Demand for Private Cloud Database and DBaaS

San Francisco, California, June 14, 2017 : The global cloud database and database as a service (DBaaS) market is envisaged to gain a strong momentum on the back of the magnifying implementation of cloud services for critical storage of data. In a report by TMR Research, titled “Cloud Database and Database as a Service (DBaaS) Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Trends, Analysis, Growth, and Forecast 2017–2025,” readers are exposed to a number of factors deemed important to secure a top position in the industry.

The analysts foresee the world cloud database and DBaaS market to rest its growth on vital factors such as surging count of businesses transferring data to the cloud. Flexibility, upgradation, seamless integration, cost saving, and availability could be key for strengthening the growth of the world cloud database and DBaaS market. Compared to traditional storage techniques, DBaaS and cloud database are expected to provide better features and more advantages. Website plays a significant role in the businesses of insurance, banking, and healthcare companies based on the outskirts. In this regard, such companies could opt for cloud storage for improving productivity and curbing operational costs.

A progressive application of cloud databases is predicted to take shape in non-conventional industries such as online gaming, online music store, and social networking. More opportunities could be birthed in the coming years with swelling data traffic and mounting flexibility requirement. As a result, there could a massive adoption witnessed in the world cloud database and DBaaS market by government sectors such as insurance and finance.

However, cloud attacks leading to identity thefts, rising data criticality, lack of awareness about cloud services, and shortage of appropriate security standards are foretold to hinder the growth of the international cloud database and DBaaS market. Nonetheless, industry players could be lavished with ample of lucrative business prospects as large companies put forth the requirement of private clouds that are specific to different databases.

One of the primary revenue generating regions of the international cloud database and DBaaS market is prognosticated to be North America. The U.K., France, Germany, and other Western European markets could follow North America at close quarters. Howbeit, the presence of large enterprises is envisioned to help North America sustain a dominant position in the international cloud database and DBaaS market.

In the near future, Asia Pacific could adopt cloud database and DBaaS at an aggressive rate on account of improving economies therein. Investment in technology pushing the focus of small and medium-sized companies toward the adoption of cloud databases is projected to help the Asia Pacific market gain traction.

Some of the leading players operating in the worldwide cloud database and DBaaS market are forecasted to be Google, Inc., Amazon, IBM, Oracle Corporation, and Microsoft Corporation.