Dataset Search – A New Search Engine by Google for Scientific Community

The world’s biggest search engine – Google has launched a novel search engine named Dataset Search for the scientific community. It will help them to make sense of millions of dataset available online. Dataset Search will help data journalists, scientists, and geeks to find the data that is required by them for work or to satisfy their intellectual curiosity. Dataset will work like Google Scholar, a search engine vastly used for reports and academic studies.

A research scientist at Google AI, Natasha Noy, states, Dataset search will help people find datasets whenever they are hosted, may it be a digital library, a publisher’s site, or an author’s personal web page. She is the one who helped in creating Dataset Search with an aim to unify different repositories with tens of thousands of dataset online.

To make Dataset search more adaptive, Google has made recommendations for dataset providers to describe their data in such a way that the company and other search engines are able to understand the content of their pages. The guidelines include salient information about the dataset, such as when the dataset was published, who created it, what are the terms for using it, how it was collected, and many other similar information.

After allocating all the information, Google links and analyses where different versions of the same dataset might be. It will also finds publications that may be discussing or describing the dataset.

Google added by saying that all dataset providers, big or small, should adopt this common standard so that all the dataset available can be a part of this robust ecosystem. Further, it added that Dataset Search works in multiple languages and additional languages are going to be launched soon.