Higher Efficiency of Cloud Supply Chain Management Boost Growth

San Francisco, California, May 24, 2017: The global market for cloud supply chain management is anticipated to evince high rate of growth over the oncoming years, driven by greater need for enhanced visibility and improved productivity worldwide. The report, “Cloud Supply Chain Management Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Trends, Analysis, Growth, and Forecast 2017 – 2015” conveys crucial information about the primary growth drivers, restraints, and developments in the market, alongside a trend analysis.

The traditional supply chain management systems are much more transactional. However, the cloud-based supply chain management systems offer several advantages, of which real-time accuracy and 360-degree management control are the most prominent ones. The cloud supply chain management also features higher efficiency, scalability, and cost efficiency, apart from easy integration designs. Therefore, there is no skepticism whatsoever about the large scale adoption of cloud supply chain management systems across enterprises.

Most of the companies worldwide are witnessing the necessity of implementing a process which is capable of developing and managing the supply chain and the related activities. The reduced costs of ownerships is another factor propelling the growth of the global market for supply chain management. The rising awareness with regards to cloud supply chain management and their efficiency is also promoting its adoption.

Increased adoption of cloud supply chain management across the transportation management sector has been one of the key trends of the market. This sector might account for the largest share of the market by end user. Superior efficiency in billing and payment, route planning, load optimization, and carrier administration offered by this solution is responsible for the growth of this segment.

Significant reduction of downtime and the consequent loss, enhanced control features and improved productivity and overall performance are expected to level up the demand for cloud suplly chain management systems. Rapid installation and affordable infrastructural costs are other important benefits of these systems.

By geography, the global market for cloud supply chain management can be segmented into Asia Pacific, North America, the Middle East and Africa, Europe, and Latin America. North America is likely to command the largest share in the global cloud supply chain management market over the forecast period. Asia Pacific bears considerable growth opportunities, fuelled by the industrial advancement of countries such as China and India, where automation is being embraced rapidly across numerous sectors.

The major market players have been establishing collaborations, partnerships, and acquisitions so as to level up their position in the international competitive landscape. JDA Software Group, Inc., Manhattan Associates, Inc., Oracle Corporation, Descartes Systems Group, Inc., Logility, Inc., Infor, Inc., and SAP SE are some leading companies operating in the global market for supply chain management.