Younger Populations emerge as Most Vulnerable Target Consumers in Flavor Capsule Cigarettes Market

Flavor capsule cigarettes are rapidly growing in popularity among smokers. Worldwide, tobacco industry has pinned hopes on this category of cigarettes to attract younger smokers. They have explored socio-demographic aspects that underlie the growing potential of the flavor capsule cigarettes market. The rise in popularity has been due to the troika of taste, flavor choice, and interactivity—the thrill of clicking the capsule—that flavor capsule cigarettes are driving and promoting among smokers over recent years. Around the world, epidemiology of flavor capsule cigarettes are attracting attention of researchers in various parts of the world, more prominently in Asia, Latin America, and Europe.

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Product rather than Packaging Take Front-Seat

It is perhaps one the few consumer markets where the packaging has taken a backseat to attract potential consumers. Pervasive bans on tobacco advertisement and promotion, and lack of robust sponsorship, have led a growing number of cigarette manufacturers to focus on the product rather than its packaging. Stridently, this has augmented the prospect of the flavor capsule cigarettes market.

However, the products are no doubt have entered intense scrutiny from organizations that are promoting various measures for individuals to achieve smoke-free goals. The growing numbers of younger participants and the growing misconception of relatively low risk factors than the conventional cigarettes are key underpinnings to the recent evolution of the flavor capsule cigarettes market.

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Younger populations have stridently emerged as the most vulnerable cohort that gets carried away with the hacks by tobacco companies. Interestingly, a growing numbers of susceptible non-smokers have added to the target population for tobacco companies who pin hope on flavored capsule to revive the tobacco industry. The stylish quotient adds to the attractiveness of the brands that are unveiling flavored ones to the cigarette flavor capsule market.