Endosulfan Market Drives Rising Demand from Agricultural Industry

The endosulfan market has been estimated to experience novel growth opportunities in the coming years. The growth impetuses in the endosulfan market are attributed to innumerable factors, for instance, increasing demand for endosulfan in the agricultural sector. This rising demand is owing to the pressing demand for food across the world in recent years. Further, there has been a noteworthy increase in the demand for the market product across the wood industry. Thus, based on these factors, the endosulfan market has been projected to expand at a noticeable pace in the foreseeable years.

These market products are sprayed on crops and these are soluble in xylene, chloroform, kerosene, and other organic solvents. These products from the endosulfan market are slightly soluble in water. So, on the basis of these features, the endosulfan market is expected to experience various growth opportunities in the foreseeable years.


Endosulfan Market: Key Obstacles in Growth Avenues

Endosulfan has been introduced in the era of minimum environmental knowledge as well as limited awareness. Along with this, there have been no national regulatory laws related to its toxic nature. But, in recent times, many countries through appropriate research programs have identified the poisonous nature of this pesticide. These factors are further predicted to curtail the growth opportunities in the endosulfan market throughout the forecast period.

Chronic and acute health effects of endosulfan have been predicted to curtail the growth avenues in the endosulfan market in the near future. The product put a direct impact on the central nervous system and thus leads to overstimulation and various health issues. Various studies have declared the increased risks due to over-exposure to endosulfan and can result in delayed puberty in the boys, birth defects in males, and increased risk of autism. These factors are further estimated to restrict the growth opportunities in the endosulfan market in the foreseeable years.

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