Agriculture Sector Sustaining Strong Demand for Chlorothalonil

San Francisco, California, August 17, 2017: With consistently incrementing population across the world, there is no foreseeable end to the escalating demand for food. With decreasing arable land, the need for equipment, procedures, and products that enhance the efficiency of crop production are gaining demand. This factor will ensure the prosperity of the global chlorothalonil market, as per a recent study by TMR Research. The report, created by a group of professional market research analysts, projects the demand in the global chlorothalonil market to increasing at a healthy CAGR during the forecast period of 2017 to 2025.

The report, titled “Chlorothalonil Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast 2017 – 2025,” is aimed providing essential market details to its targeted audiences, primarily those connected to the value chain of the chlorothalonil market. The report provides comprehensive assessment of all factors that will define the demand for chlorothalonil in the near future, segments it to represent the valuation of smaller aspects, explores the potential of every important geographical region, and profiles some of the key companies currently operating in the global chlorothalonil market.

The agriculture sector has noticed the benefits of chlorothalonil, which stretches from improving the quality of crop and goes on to help in incremented production of various classes of fungi or fungi spores. In the U.S., chlorothalonil is typically used on peanuts, potatoes, and tomatoes. Apart from sustained farming demand, the vendors of the global chlorothalonil market are expected to gain new opportunities from diverse application of this white, gray or canary yellow powder, (chemical formula: C8Cl4N2) from its other applications such as wood protecting agent, as acaricide, and for golf courses. On the other hand, toxicity of the compound, which can cause severe eye and skin irritation in certain formulations, is facing regulatory challenges in a number of countries.

Based on application, the global chlorothalonil market can be segmented into vegetables, fruits, peanuts and cereals, golf courses and lawns, and others. On the basis of type, the market for chlorothalonil can be classified into 98% chlorothalonil, 96% chlorothalonil, and 90% chlorothalonil. Geographically, the report takes stock of the potential of chlorothalonil market in every important region, such as North America, Asia Pacific, Europe, and Latin America. Currently, the developed country of the U.S. is maintaining North America as most lucrative region, although heavily populated Asia Pacific is expected to turn into profitable region towards the end of the forecast period.

Some of the key companies currently operating in the global chlorothalonil market are: AK Scientific, ABI Chemicals, Changzhou Wujin Henglong Pesticide Co. Ltd, Angene, Bayer CropScience, GFS Chemicals, Finetech Industry, Green Chem Ltd, Panpan Industry Co. Ltd, Sigma-Aldrich, Hangzhou Uniwise International Co., Ltd, and Zhejiang Sega Science and Technology Co. Ltd.

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