Cell-based Assays Market | Exclusive Report on the Latest Trends and Opportunities in the Market

Cell based assays are defined as any assay that takes place within a living cell.  Because this definition is so general, there are thousands of different cell based assays.  However, cell based assays can be grouped into categories such as cell proliferation assays, cell death assays, reporter gene assays, and cell signaling assays.

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There are many reason for conducting cell based assays.  You might want to find out if a chemical or material is cytotoxic, meaning that it is toxic to cells.  Another reason for conducting cell based assays is to ensure that a biological product is manufactured appropriately. Biological products often have multiple functional domains that might interact with several different molecules in order to function appropriately. For example, a protein product might have a functional domain that allows for the product to be internalized into the cell, a domain that allows it to move to the nucleus and another domain that allows it to activate a transcription factor.  All these functional domains must be tested before the batch of product is released.  Sometimes these functional domains must be done in a living organism, but in most cases the biological activity of protein product can be tested using a cell based assay.

Trends That are Shaping Market Growth

Increasing occurrence of lifestyle conditions and chronic disease, technical innovations in cell-based methodologies, and augmented investments in research and development activities for drug-discovery is likely to support rapid expansion of the global cell-based assays market.  One of the driving forces of the market is likely to be the high prevalence of chronic conditions such as neurological problems, cardiovascular, diabetes, and cancer. Chronic diseases such as diabetes, cancer, and heart disease, according to the WHO, are the major causes of  disability and death in the US. Furthermore, as a result of advancements in technology in cell-based assay methodologies and an increase in cell-based applications in the process of drug discovery, the demand for cell-based assays has risen exponentially. These factors are likely to trigger growth of the global cell-based assays market in the years to come.

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