Growth of Pharmaceutical Sector boosts Global Camphor Tablets Market

San Francisco, California, January 30, 2019 :   The global camphor tablets market is benefitting from the demand for camphor tablets across a host of end-use industries. Pharmaceutical, agriculture, and consumer goods are to name some end-use industries that display demand for camphor tablets.

Camphor is a transparent, odorous flammable compound. Native to Asia, camphor is obtained from the capur-tree.

Camphor displays sublimation properties that makes it suitable for various applications.

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Some of the key facts pertaining to the global camphor tablets market are presented below.

• Pharmaceutical is the leading end-use segment of the camphor tablets market. Camphor tablets are used to reduce pain and swelling, relax weary muscles, and lower cough and congestion in a spectrum of medical conditions. Camphor also finds used in the production of a spectrum of Ayurvedic medicines. With the growth of the pharmaceutical industry, the camphor tablets market is indirectly benefitted.
• Camphor tablets find vast application in the agriculture sector. The odor of camphor helps to keep moths and insects at bay. It is used against infestation by insects and pests for agricultural crop and at the domestic front.
• Camphor tablets find use in cosmeceutical products. Camphor tablets is used to reduce acne and pimples.
• The growth of the food industry is indirectly fueling the camphor tablets market. Camphor tablets is widely used in several sweet dishes consumed by Europeans. In Arabic cooking, camphor is a key ingredient. Camphor finds use as an essence in some preparations in Indian cooking. The various uses of camphor in food preparation is serving to boost the camphor tablets market.
• At the competitive front, the camphor tablets market is a choc-o-block with companies. Low entry barrier and low investment required in the manufacture of camphor tablets makes it a competitive one. Indukern International, Hiya International, Taiwan Tekho Camphor Co . Ltd., Saptagir Camphor Ltd., Mangalam Organics Limited, and Camphor Allied Products Ltd. Are to name some leading players in the camphor tablets market.

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