Jordans, Keyton, and Goldman get Creative for Good Photos of Arctic

According to an associated press reporter Frank Jordans, being a text reporter, he has the benefit of traveling with minimal weight as he just needs the basics – some pencils, sharpeners, and a notebook. Associated Press photographer David Goldman and video journalist David Keyton, do not have the same benefit, said Frank. While documenting climatic changes and its impact on the Arctic Circle’s Northwest Passage from an icebreaker, the associated press photographer and the video journalist do not have an option of stopping by a camera shop to buy a forgotten item.

Instruments needed by the press reporters

David Goldman and David Keyton packed a full set of fixed focal length, wide angle, telephoto, and zoom lenses along with their Canon DSLR camera bodies; several GoPro action cams and a Panasonic P2 video camera with external microphones. It is necessary that the pictures are steady on the ship. Hence, the press reporters also carried several monopods, tripods, and lighting stands. They also carried two gimbals and a glidecam. Glidecams are devices used to mechanically stabilize the video capture while filming on the move. Two drones, a couple of 360-degree cameras which provide visual perspectives from all angles, remote controls, and underwater housings for the cameras, were also carried for best results. Extra batteries, chargers, satellite transmitter and camera covers were also taken along.

Since some weeks, the MSV Nordica has moved to ice floes more deep into the Arctic from the Bering Strait. Due to this, Goldman and Keyton had to be creative for getting videos and photographs that would attract viewers towards the Arctic. The reporters had to hang the GroPros dangling with ropes till the water level to record the icebreaker pushing or crushing aside the ice. David Goldman used a case which kept the camera safe underwater; and used a remote to click photographs. According to David Goldman, It was just as if they were fishing for photographs off side of their boat.