Scientists Discovered Poor Oral Health ups High Blood Pressure Risk

As per recent research study, people suffering from high blood pressure may be expected to get the benefits of the medication therapy if they have good oral health. On the basis of medical and dental record analysis in around 3,600 high blood pressure patients, the finding revealed that the person with healthy oral habits had low blood pressure and they responded very quickly to the blood pressure control medications. In addition, person affected with periodontitis condition showed 20% less chance to attain healthy blood pressure range, when compared to the patients with good oral hygiene.

While considering the analysis, the researchers said that the people suffering with periodontal ailment may need closer monitoring of the blood pressure. The lead investigator of the study stated that general physicians should pay close attention toward the oral healthcare system, as the oral health is somehow linked with the overall physiological status, which further takes cardiac disease into account.

According to a recent recommendation by the American heart of cardiology and American Heart Association people suffering with hypertensions has target blood pressure range of less than 130/80 mmHg. The overall findings also published in the journal American Heart Association on October 23, 2018.

Change in Lifestyle plays Significant Role for Blood Pressure Treatment

Clinicians and patients should be aware that the good oral health is also helpful for controlling the high blood pressure, but the change in lifestyle and other factors such as low salt consumption, weight control, and regular exercise are also important.

The study does not clarify exactly how the oral health is important for the treatment of the high blood pressure. But, scientists further revealed that their results support previous research which correlate poor oral health with elevated cardiovascular risk and damage to blood vessels.