Increasing Prominence of Bioterrorism to Foster Growth of the Global Biodefense Market

Augmented awareness about bioterrorism attacks in many of the developed countries, such as Germany and the US is likely to play an important role in the growth of the global biodefense market in the years to come. These attacks refer to the process of deliberate release of viruses, bacteria, and many other harmful microbes, which are able to cause outbreak of a disease resulting in deaths. Such a condition makes an adverse impact on the economy as well as human life and health. It often leads to exhaustion of human resources. As such, government in the developed countries takes up several initiatives together with preventive measures to face these attacks. This factor is estimated to foster development of the global biodefense market in the years to come.

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Biodefense refers to a certain set of military or medical measures taken to restore biosecurity of a nation against various infectious agents or biological toxins, which can be utilized with the intention to infect or kill animals or human beings. These agents trigger biological warfare. Toxins, fungi, virus, bacteria and other such living organisms can be utilized can be utilized as for the purpose of causing bioterrorism.

Ability to Re-engineer Viruses Easily is likely to Widen Scope of Market Growth

Technological progress made in the field of biotechnology and genetic engineering in the last few decades have assisted in making modification of these naturally yet fatal viruses quite easy. It is now possible to re-engineer these agents to cause more harm to people and animals. In addition, these organisms are easily available thereby making biodefense an important facet of the national defense for any country. This factor is estimated to pave way for rapid growth of the global biodefense market in the years to come. Nuclear agents, chemical, botulism, and anthrax have all been used earlier as carriers of bioterrorism in the past.

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