Growth Dynamics of Baru Nuts Explained

Belonging to the league of most healthy nuts in the world, baru nuts are witnessing massive demand as awareness about health benefits catch up with a vast populace of the world. Rich in fiber and protein, these are powerhouse of nutrition and being rich in oxidants are considered proper functioning of the body. These contain a number of essential and vitamins which are great for hair and skin.

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As people in general, and the millennial section in particular move towards wholesome foods, demand for these nuts is set to grow considerably. It is pertinent to note here that a large section of people in the world are witnessing decreasing available time for cooking nutritional and well-balanced meals. It is an outcome of long and stressful work schedule, which leaves many drained of the will to prepare elaborate meals. This leads to higher demand for small portions of food that can help people achieve nutritional goals. Baru nuts play a key role here.

As per TMRR, over the next few years, not only will the global baru nuts market witness an increase in demand, but also it will witness increase in valuation. It will also add to opportunities in the market, making it lucrative for existing and ready to join players. It further notes that market is extremely consolidated but the degree will subdue over the coming period as more players try to enter the playfield to care off a notable share of the market.

It is also quite pertinent to note here that players at the top – five players – hold approximately 80% of the share. These are focused on raising awareness of the products in the global market to expand reach, carve off a larger market share. Top names include Baru Baron, BIOBRAZIL BOTANICALS, Brukas Inc., Brazil Barn Group, and Atina Ativos Naturais Ltd, among others.

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Attractive Nutritional Profile Bolsters Prospects in Baru Nuts Market

The drive for baru nuts market stems from the worldwide popularity of including superfoods in the diets of various populations. Vast purported benefits of baru nuts, native to Brazilian savanna, have accorded these a high place in diets that can help meet the daily requirement of proteins and vitamins. The inroads made by e-commerce channels, notably Amazon and other online superfood channels, have considerably boosted the prospects in the baru nuts market. Baru nuts are a good source of vitamins and minerals; they are a relatively better source of fiber, zinc, iron, vitamin E, and potassium.

Popularity of Plant-Based Ingredients in Cosmetic Formulation Boosts Market

The attractive nutritional profile of baru nuts is the key driver for the market demand. Over the past few years, cosmetic and personal care industries are expected to be source of sizable revenue streams. They have increased research and development investments in utilizing baru nuts-based ingredients for organic cosmetics. Strides made in manufacturing of organic cosmetics have expanded the revenue potential in the baru nuts market. Growing popularity of plant-based ingredients in cosmetic formulation is broadening the revenue potential for players in the baru nuts market. The rise in personal care products in urban populations of various developing economies is also boosting prospects in the baru nuts market. The growth has been complemented with rise in personal care manufacturing industries.

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Cost-effective Processing Technologies Help in Expanding Scope of Baru Nuts Market

Food processing companies in recent years have benefitted from the unveiling of cost-effective processing technologies for baru nuts. Advances have also been made in the technologies used for storage. However, there still remains a lack of availability of baru nuts in several economies. This is due to the lack of awareness of the benefits of baru nuts.

On the other hand, the growing proclivity of people toward healthy nuts to meet the requirements of healthy diets is a key trend propelling the demand in the baru nuts market. Further, emerging economies have benefitted from the expansion of e-commerce channels. Top global manufacturers and retailers in the baru nuts market are harnessing such channels to meet a wide cross-section of demands among people.

Expansion of Distribution Channels Key Characteristic of Emerging Markets

Of the various regional markets, Latin America is a region with sizable revenue streams. The prominence can be attributed to the growing awareness of the attractive nutritional profile of such nuts and their increasing availability. Meanwhile, North America and Europe are expected to hold substantial shares in the global baru nuts market.

Manufacturers and retailers are continuously expanding their distribution channels North American and European economies, expanding the prospects of these regional markets. The region has also seen substantial uptake in cosmetic and personal care industries, owing to the growing popularity of herbal products. Developing regions are also expected to be prominently expanding markets.

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Markets such as Asia Pacific will expand on the back of the growing inclination of healthier nuts in the diets of populations in countries such as India, China, and Japan. Further, manufacturers will benefit from the strides being made in multichannel marketing of consumer products in recent years. The regional market will be driven by numerous favorable trends in eating habits. For instance, baru nuts manufacturers are trying to tap into the growing potential by developing savory snacks containing baru nuts. Overall, emerging markets will see the consumption of baru nuts in healthy snacks. Some of the top players expected to consolidate their shares in the baru nuts market are Atina Ativos Naturais Ltda, Brazil Barn Group, Brukas Inc., BioBrazil Botanicals, and Baru Baron.