San Franciso becomes the First to Ban Flavored Vaping Liquids

San Francisco intends to ban the sale of vaping flavors that are laced with nicotine in order to discourage early or young smokers. Use of these flavors, mint, watermelon, vanilla, cotton candy, banana cream among others, in e-cigarettes has enticed several kids to try them and eventually fall a prey to a lifetime of an addiction. In tandem with the same sentiment to discourage smokers, several other cities have also passed laws make the sale of flavored vaping liquids inaccessible to many. However, San Francisco is the first to initiate a ban on this substance.

Advantages of Vaping Ignored in a Bid to Ban Flavored Liquids
However, there are some who are against the ban as this ordinance is likely to ignore the benefits of flavored vaping products. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2016 saw about 2.2 million teen smokers who took to e-cigarettes, which is a drop from 3 million from 2015. Data also revealed that vaping has also helped several smokers to quit as it eventually makes them detest the taste of tobacco and gradually helps them get rid of the high a normal tobacco cigarette gives.

The move has also disappointed several small retailers as they are slated to lose a fair share of business. Ban on sale of flavored vaping liquids means that people can buy them online or from other cities. Thus, this translates to a loss of revenue for several small retailers, who cannot compete with Walgreens or Safeway for daily utilities. A few are also of the opinion that tougher regulations pertaining to tobacco would reduce the number of smokers instead of taking away an option for smoking.