Does Autonomous Driving Mean the End of Sports Cars?

Every innovation primarily makes the World a better place, but also brings about the end to certain aspects in things as we know them. Autonomous or driverless car or robotic driving is coming, and promises to revolutionize the concept of transportation with exceptional safety, added comfort, and reduced travel-time. All prominent automotive brands are currently developing their prototype of autonomous cars but will this innovation also mean an end to sports cars? The human element to driving is at the backbone of sports cars, exploring the sheer abilities of an individual behind the steering wheel, something autonomous driving is challenging head-on. Two brands, Porsche and Mazda, have decided not to indulge in the driverless car frenzy just yet, foreseeing a different future.

Mazda Remains Focused on Driving and Racing
Mazda is aiming to apply the driverless technology uniquely, reiterating its tagline “Driving Matters.” According to the CEO of Mazda, Masahiro Moro, the company remains completely focused on niche consumers who love driving and promises to maintain a human-centric approach. The technology being developed by Mazda aspires to override the controls in case of a misshapen or human error, and bring the car to a safe place.

Porsche Asserts Autonomous Driving Not a New Concept
Porsche’s CEO, Klaus Zellmer, agrees with the bandwagon but refuses to jump on it, asserting that autonomous driving began decades ago with adaptive cruise control and lane-keeping assist. Though the engineers at Porsche are also working toward a press-the-button-and-reach-home concept, customers will always be able to choose between autonomy and manual shifting. Zellmer insists that autonomous driving is more of a feature of stability management, like brake assist, and the frenzy behind it is mostly overhyped!