Research proposes use of inhaler to administer treatment for autoimmune diseases

For medical treatments, nanoparticles continue to find wider use from drug delivery to diagnosis of diseases. For almost each case, nanoparticles are administered to patients via IV or through an injection.

Meanwhile, research is underway to explore how nanoparticles that are inhaled can benefit patients with autoimmune disorders, and are superior to traditional treatments.

In fact, traditional treatments for autoimmune disorders attempt to suppress the immune response of the body in a manner that is non-specific and general. This approach can lead to consequences such as opportunistic infections. For example, current treatments for multiple sclerosis have partial efficacy against relapse of the disease. However, the same treatments may lead to adverse effects such as non-specific immunosuppression and worsen the symptoms for multiple sclerosis for these patients. This limits the usefulness of these treatments.

Use of nanoparticles useful for targeted and efficient drug delivery

Interestingly, introducing nanoparticles can retune the immune response in a more specific manner. It prevents the body to have an immune reaction, but also the proteins that cause the disease. Besides this, nanoparticles provide more targeted and efficient delivery than soluble drugs.

In fact, nanoparticles can be administered using currently employed pulmonary delivery techniques. For example, the use of dry powder inhalers for treating asthma is one. The use of nebulizers to create a mist for inhalation is another technique for administering nanoparticles.

Meanwhile, in general, what are the benefits of inhaled treatments, and specifically for autoimmune diseases such as multiple sclerosis?

Pulmonary administering, or inhalation of nanoparticles allows patients to administer a therapy easily. Meanwhile, current approaches for administering nanoparticles is via intravenous infusion that requires a physician or a nurse.

In contrast, the benefit of delivery using an inhaler is needle-free or is non-invasive, find a lot of people find favorable.