Increasing Construction Projects to Upswing Auger Drilling Market

The global auger drilling market is expected to grow at a healthy rate in the next few years. Auger drilling bears the capacity of going at a larger depth that can even be used by mining companies. The auger drilling does not cause any substantial damage in the work space.

Due to swift industrialization and number of increasing construction projects across the world is expected to expand the global auger drilling market in the market. These drilling machines are easy to transport and move from one place to another place.

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Hollow Stem Auger Drilling to Boost Growth

The hollow stem auger drilling is an inexpensive variant of auger drilling. This is good for environmental and geotechnical application, also ideal for drilling deep through silts, clays, and soil. The depth capability of the hollow stem auger drilling varies depending upon lithology. These drills can reach up to 450 feet depth using 31/4 auger blades.

Some of the more features of hollow stem auger drilling are –

  1. Cost effective- These drills are cost efficient as compared to other methods.
  2. Wide Applicability- They can be put into various applications, thus, they are versatile in nature.
  3. Sampling – Moreover, they work sampling methods, therefore, they do not contaminate the entire area.

All these features and benefits are expected to drive the global auger drilling market to expand in the future years.

New Technology to Promote Global Auger Drilling Market

Terex Utilities, global manufacturing company which produces aerial device, auger drill, and digger derricks. They have introduced a new technology in designing auger drills which now provides enhanced features such as improved control system and hydrastatic transmission to allow easy functioning and efficiency in productivity.

These drills also have the facilities such as auto brake system, inner Kelly slack retract, inner Kelly slack stop, come to centre position, and dig depth. This enables the operators to come back to the same position that was used earlier, owing to the growth opportunities in the global auger drilling market. Ideal for construction projects, the rising construction of buildings are expected to provide growth to the auger drilling market.

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On the basis geography, Asia Pacific is expected to lead the global auger drilling market. The growth is primarily due to rising number of construction projects in developing economies.

Global Auger Drilling Market to Expand with Advancements in the Mining Industry

The demand within the global market for auger drilling has been rising on account of advancements in the field of mining. Auger drilling is a viable process for the extraction of key minerals, oils, and gases from the core of the earth, and mining companies largely depend on these drilling procedures. Auger drilling machines consist of hollow tubes that are capable of cutting through solid blocks in the ground to reach deep levels of the earth’s crust. Moreover augur drilling also holds utility for the mining industry as this form of drilling does not damage the sample.

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Extracting Minerals and Compounds

The minerals and compounds that are embedded deep into the earth cannot be reached with the help of ordinary drilling mechanism. For this reason, the relevance of auger drilling in several industries related to geosciences has been growing at a robust rate. The demand dynamics of the global auger drilling market are expected to significantly improve in the years to come. The ease of analyzing samples of compounds extracted via auger drilling has played a vital role in enhancing the growth prospects of the global auger drilling market.

Growth of the Market in the Middle East and Africa

Several mining sites exist across the Middle East and Africa, and this has given an impetus to the growth of the regional market for auger drilling. Furthermore, the oil and gas industry in the region has been assimilating innovative devices and techniques. This factor has also given an impetus to the growth of the market for auger drilling in the Middle East and Africa.

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Portability and Convenience to Boosts Demand for Augur Drilling Market

San Francisco, California, August 28, 2017: The global augur drilling market is expected to grow due to its distinct feature that has three blades attached to a hollow tubular structure, used to cut through earth’s surface with much precision and massive depth. TMR Research expects this technique to be very beneficial for mining firms due to its ease of usage, convenience and, since they produce huge samples that are convenient to analyze. According to a report by the market research company, titled “Auger Drilling Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Trends, Analysis, Growth, and Forecast 2017 – 2025,” these factors are anticipated to turn out in favor of the demand for augur drilling market worldwide.

Augur drilling technique is predicted to be preferred over percussion rotary air blast (RAB), as the latter possesses a huge risk of damaging sample pieces during the extraction process. This process is also a best solution when it comes rock formation and soft soil as it gives quite precise results as expected. Though, on the flip side, this property of augur drilling machines could also turn out to be a minor drawback for it in the market. Nevertheless, the market is expected to witness a jump as the demand for metals and minerals derived from the earth’s crux grows. Other than encouraging mineworkers to reach to huge ground depths, this technique does not require the openings to be covered during the drilling procedure. Along with the elimination of risk of contamination, as the tube in which the samples are blown are hollow, it is advantageous because as it doesn’t require a channel like installation of pipelines. This cost-effective technique has a faster penetration rate, which becomes a major driving force for it in the global augur drilling market.

The global augur drilling market can be categorized on the basis of augurs used in the drilling process. Of these flight augur technique is used popularly, where the helical edges are used to bring the cut pieces on the surface. The bucket augur is another important segment where the cutting are first collected before bringing them to the surface. Augur drills are also segmented according to its sizes such as small sizes are used in smaller projects and the bigger ones are used for the larger foundation.

Although, the technique has some structural challenges, but due to its demand on a global scale several advanced and innovative methods are being adopted by the companies worldwide. The leading players in the market for augur drilling techniques are Zhengzhou Hanfa Imp & Exp Trading Co. Ltd., American Drilling Rigs, Jewett Construction Inc., Total Drilling Supply LLC, Triumph Rig, Drilling Structures International Inc., Beijing Cortech Drilling Equipment Co. Ltd., Shanghai Yizhe Industry Co. Ltd., and Fabrication.

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