Strides in Tissue Engineering to Expand Revenue Potential in Atelocollagen Market

Atelocollagen market has seen new avenues on the back of its potential in utilizing the compound as a gene delivery vector. Market players have using hybrid biomaterials for skin tissue engineering. An example is combining atelocollagen gel with porous scaffolds in cartilage tissue engineering. Atelocollagen hydrogel is being used in tissue-engineered cartilage.

In recent years, studies on utilizing atelocollagen in anticancer drug delivery has also expanded the prospects in the atelocollagen market. Strides being made in tissue engineering are key to expanding avenues in the market. In this regard, hybrid biomaterials containing hydrogel has attracted notable industry interest.

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Rise in demand for new regenerative therapies for cosmetic industry is also boosting new developments in the atelocollagen market. Advances in purification techniques have paved way to high value-grab opportunities for stakeholders in the market. In particular, high-purity raw materials are remarkably in high demand among cosmetic companies. They are trying to gain access to new purification materials that can enable them to obtain high purity atelocollagen.

High Demand for High Purity Collagen Solutions

In healthcare industry also, there is an extensive demand for high purity collagen solutions. A growing body of research has improved the techniques of atelocollagen-based biomaterials. The use of biomaterials in cellular therapies is a notable case in point.

Some of the key regional markets are Asia Pacific, North America, Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East and Africa. Of these, Asia Pacific is proving to be next hotbed of opportunities. The drive for novel cosmetic ingredients among Asian nations is key to rising revenue potential in the regional market. North America is also a promising regional market. This is because of the profound interest in regenerative therapies for clinical applications.

Some of the key players in the atelocollagen market are Stryker Corporation, Shanghai Vive, and Collagen Matrix.

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