High Cost of Helium to Promote the Growth of Global Argon Market

San Francisco, August 07, 2018: The global argon market is predicted to experience a surge in demand due to its unique nature. Argon, which is obtained from the decay of potassium-40, rarely reacts to elements, gases or metal. This is a leading factor behind the surge of the argon demand globally, reports TMR Research in their report titled, “Argon Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast 2018 – 2028” Rise of argon in various applications is promoting the growth of the market.

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Argon’s nature of not reacting to any elements has made it find application in wielding, research and development, lighting, industrial process, and laboratory process. Rapid urbanization has promoted the need for argon all across the world. Argon is believed to aid in surge of chromatography and electro surgery market. Argon is also known to display narcotics.

Rising price of helium is anticipated to provide a lucrative opportunity to the growth of argon market, as argon can substitute helium in numerous sectors. Automobile industry is known to promote the growth of the steel which in turn helps to grow the market of argon. Rise in energy market is likely to increase the need for argon due to its usage in solar energy and in insulated window. The solar energy market is known to require huge amount of argon for manufacturing. Argon gas also finds it way for insulating windows, as argon is known to curb cold air from glass panes. Rise in number of shopping complexes and malls which requires lighting is predicted to fuel the growth of the market.

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Argon is also known to be used for various welding procedures, like light bulb, wielding of alloys, and production of lasers. Moreover, argon is also known to deliver nitrogen and oxygen-free environment for various heating process, this could burgeon the growth of the market.