Growing Prevalence of Chronic Illnesses to Drive Growth in Ambulatory Surgical Centers Market

There is a notable increase in prevalence of chronic diseases world over and it is pushing the global ambulatory surgical centers market forward. And, it is of much importance to note here that the population across the world is growing. The rate of the process is dizzying. Regions that will be the hardest hit are North America and Europe as there are set to witness one in every four people aged over 64. This is set to happen by the year 2050. World over, this number would be one in every six. Number of people in their sixties will touch the mark of 2 billion by the same year. Additionally, poor lifestyle is also pushing people to a number of chronic illnesses.

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The incidence and prevalence of thee diseases therefore are increasing and it comes as surprise to none.  It is true of not just developing countries but also the developed ones. For instance, the number of people experiencing at least one chronic illness is high. As per recent studies, the number is six in every ten people. People experiencing more than one of such illness are four in every ten. This is set to drive the global ambulatory surgical centers market on an upward facing growth trajectory. This will, in turn, create a conducive environment for opportunities to grow.

As per TMR Research, over the coming years, there is another factor that is set to contribute notably to growth in the global ambulatory surgical centers market. It is the rising incidence of cardiovascular diseases. More people smoke today than ever before. The stress levels as well are shooting through the roofs. Work lives take the dominant part of living. This, along with growth in nuclear families – which lead to breaking of primary bonds – is set to be a notable propeller of growth in the market.

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