Amazon May Sell Event Tickets in U.S. Soon!

If news report from Reuters is to be believed, Amazon might just also start selling event tickets. Amazon, which is a commerce giant is now eyeing this event space, the market for which has been dominated by Live Nation’s Ticketmaster in the U.S. The potential for opportunity in selling event tickets is the key reason behind Amazon’s interest in this field. Customer experience is one area where Amazon may be eying to steal the market from Ticketmaster. Ticketmaster receives many grief letters from customers regarding certain practices and of course, the fees. The growing appetite for sports will support Amazon in its new venture as sport trams, venue operators, and sports leagues hope to increase their ticket sales.

Amazon’s Hope for Partnership with Ticketmaster Failed

Ticket platforms such as Universe and Front Gate have been left behind and fended off by Ticketmaster. However, these were start ups and Amazon is clearly not a start up and could carry quite some weight and may threaten Ticketmaster’s business. Moreover, Amazon has one of the most effective and large addressable customer bases. Also, it has a place with key music industry players and this will also help them secure their market. As per Reuters, Amazon had talked to Ticketmaster for partnership, but these discussions have been stalled. Ticket sales could be an additional driver for Prime members as they secure tickets for high demand events and open early pre-sales.