Amazon Echo Hits U.K. Market

The Amazon Echo speaker that comes with a 7 inch display screen and Alexa smarts is now available in the U.K. The announcement of its arrival was made way back in May. People could start pre-ordering from 28th September and the first units are being shipped out today. Each of the units costs 199.99 GBP, a pack of two will save 100 GBP for the consumers.

Whole New Bundle of Facilities

Amazon Echo is an expensive bundle yet it makes sense as the Echo Show can be used for both video and voice calls. The idea behind it is that one would purchase two of it so that one can chat with their relatives or friends for free during the festive season or basically anytime.

With eight microphones that are equipped with the technology of beam forming and noise cancellation, Amazon Echo Show is poised to be an instant hit in the market. The device, thus, can be used like a normal Echo Speaker with access to skills or apps like Uber, Spotify, BBC News, and Just Eat. Lyrics of songs, recipe instructions, and calendar appointments can also be displayed on the screen that it comes with. In addition to all these, Alexa is all set to give you a live video feed from smart home cameras that it is compatible with. However, there is no YouTube and that is the only drawback that it has. Google has pulled out its support last month.