Alkaline Battery Gains Traction with Reduced Cost and Eco-friendliness

San Francisco, California, July 06, 2018 – The global alkaline battery market is anticipated to improve its growth with increasing awareness about several advantages including higher energy density, reduced cost, easy availability, and longer shelf life. A report by TMR Research gives details about market dynamics, segmentation, and vendor landscape and how some factors could positively and negatively affect the market. It bears the title “Alkaline Battery Market – Global Industry Analysis, Market Size, Share, Trends Analysis, Growth and Forecast 2017 – 2025.” Important applications of alkaline battery are media players, clocks, flashlights, game controllers, TV remote controls, and radios. With such applications in place, adoption of alkaline battery could surge in the coming years.

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Its environment-friendly nature and ability to power devices for 2-4 months are expected to increase the use of alkaline battery. In the present scenario where countries around the world are striving to promise reduction in environmental pollution, the eco-friendly characteristic of alkaline battery could be highlighted. Its eco-friendliness could be owing to its capability to do away with active recycling and collection for disposal. There are different types of alkaline battery, such as high, medium, and low drain, used for different applications.

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The global alkaline battery market is expected to find North America growing as a leading revenue generator. Increasing application of alkaline battery in various applications could help the region to take the lead in the market. Latin America could also be a lucrative region of the market. Local manufacture of alkaline battery is predicted to gain impetus in the near future. Local manufacturing involves low cost, and therefore, it could obtain traction in the coming years. In order to reduce manufacturing cost of premium products, established companies are moving their manufacturing facilities to offshore locations. The market includes top players such as Duracell, Chung Pak, Toshiba, Camelion Battery, and Panasonic.

Alkaline Battery Market Innovative business approach in 2025

Global Alkaline Battery Market: Overview

Alkaline batteries have many advantages such as longer shelf life, easy availability, reduced cost, and higher energy density. These benefits are the primary reasons behind the higher adoption rates of alkaline battery. Alkaline batteries are used across applications such as radios, TV remote controls, game controllers, flashlights, clocks, and media players. Primarily non-rechargeable, alkaline batteries can power a device for around 2 to 4 months and are environmentally friendly. This eco-friendly nature of alkaline battery is an important factor especially when countries across the globe are promising to reduce environmental pollution. Alkaline batteries do not need active collection or recycling for disposal and therefore they are considered to be eco-friendly. A variety of alkaline batteries are available in markets including medium drain, low drain, and high drain. Depending upon the application, different types of batteries can be used. According to the report, the global alkaline battery Market is expected to witness a healthy growth during the forecast period.

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Global Alkaline Battery Market: Drivers and Restraints

One of the key trends which can be witnessed within the global alkaline batteries Market is the replacement of carbon zinc with alkaline batteries and this is one of the primary reasons behind the growth of this Market in the last few years. Across businesses and homes, alkaline batteries have replaced carbon zinc batteriesperiod on account of their low self-discharge rate, alkaline batteries can deliver large amounts of current in a short period. Moreover the lifetime of these batteries are long and therefore they are an excellent choice for  electronic products. Alkaline batteries maintain their nominal terminal voltage for extended. And this is why they are being preferred over carbon zinc batteries even though they are more costly.

On the basis of type of batteries, the global alkaline battery Market is segmented into primary battery and secondary battery. Of these, it is expected that the primary battery segment will lead in the market on account of higher energy density, longer shelf life, and greater tuberosity. Primary batteries are much cheaper than secondary alkaline batteries and are therefore used extensively for household electronic devices such as first Waters, television remotes, gaming consoles and toys.

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Global Alkaline Battery Market: Regional Analysis

On the basis of geography, the global alkaline battery Market is segmented into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and the Rest of the World. Of these, North America has been leading and is a major Revenue generator for the alkaline battery Market. North America is anticipated to continue to be the leading regional market for alkaline batteries on account of the growing use of these batteries across toys, TV remotes, Clarks, flashlight, and other consumer electronics. The market for alkaline batteries will also be lucrative in Latin America.

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Global Alkaline Battery Market: Competitive Analysis

One of the key trends which can be seen within the market is the local production of alkaline batteries which is increasingly gaining traction as it significantly brings about the reduction of cost of manufacturing. There for consumers across the globe are preferring to buy batteries which have been manufactured locally since they are cost-effective. Large players within the market are now Shifting the production facilities to Offshore locations so that they can manufacture premium product at low cost. All these factors are expected to bode well for the growth of the global alkaline battery Market. The report profiles key players operating within the global alkaline batteries Market such as Panasonic, Camelion Battery, Toshiba, Chung Pak, Duracell, Dongguan Large Electronics, Rayavac, Excell Battery, Gao Huan photoelectric technology, Energizer Holdings,  GPB International, Hitachi Maxell, Indo National,Sony, Loopacell, and Shenzhen Shirui Battery.