Airport Information Systems See Demand Due to Passenger Security Concerns

San Francisco, California, May 17, 2017: The global market for airport information systems is the focus of analysis of a recent market intelligence report by TMR Research. The report, titled, “Airport Information Systems Market – Industry Analysis, Market Size, Market Share, Growth and Forecast 2017–2025,” states that security breaches in airports on account of failed traditional screening systems that led to security of passengers being compromised and operations affected has spawned the market.

To prevent such mishaps and security breaches, important airports worldwide are expending large amounts on real-time monitoring for seamless operations and uncovering of threats. With rising air traffic and airlines, shift towards open systems that allow access to information across various operating systems, hardware, and networks, and resultant threat to passenger security, the market for airport information systems is expected to expand in the coming years. Such systems not just facilitate efficient information processing at airports but also enable safe and reliable management of information.

Departure control systems (DCS) and airport operation control centers (AOCC) are the two main components of airport information systems. Quite a few prominent players operating in the market are constantly unveiling new solutions to garner more clients. They are even acquiring local market players and new companies to bolster their positions further. Constant product improvements, joint ventures, and partnerships are other routes adopted by them to grow their market shares.

Posing headwinds to the global market for airport information systems are resource outages and dearth of standardization. Helping to overcome such bottlenecks is the lucrative growth avenues offered by the fast expanding emerging economies of Asia Pacific such as India and China. Building of modern state-of-the-art airports in the two countries is serving to drive demand for airport information systems for information processing.

In order to study the market in-depth, the report segments the global market for airport information systems depending upon the type of airport into class A – seeing over 30 million passengers, class B – seeing between 20 to 30 billion passengers, and class C – witnessing over 10 to 20 million passengers, and class D – witnessing below 10 million passengers.

The report also segments the global market for airport information systems depending on geography into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, and the Middle East and Africa. North America, among them, leads the market on account of the rising air traffic and development in the safety standards at airports.

To assess the competition in the global airport information systems market, the report profiles prominent players such as Siemens AG, SITA, Rockwell Collins Inc., IBM, Ultra Electronics Holdings, Northrop Grumman Corporation, Amadeus IT Group SA, INFORM GmbH, and IKUSI.