Easy Diagnosis of Prostate Cancer through AI-based Platform

A research conducted in Sweden points to the relevance of artificial intelligence (AI) in diagnosing prostate cancer. The researchers assert that a special AI platform could help in studying tissue samples with greater precision and accuracy. This could in turn enable medical practitioners to diagnose prostate cancer in the tissue samples. The new platform expected to accelerate the process of diagnosis, and reduce the cost of healthcare services at the same time. According to the research, training AI systems could help analyze prostate needle biopsy samples accuratlely. Besides, these systems could also diagnose and grade cancer levels in the samples. Meanwhile, the accuracy of this technology claimed to be equal to that of international experts in prostate pathology. Findings of the new research are published in The Lancet Oncology.

Accelerating Analysis of Biopsies

Furthermore, use of these AI platforms could save palpable amount of time for oncologists. Deployment of artificial intelligence nodes shall reduce the assessment time for benign biopsies. Furthermore, oncologists can measure the length of cancer in positive biopsies, and make suggestions accordingly. The report published in the Lancet Oncology explains the worldwide impact of the research. Use of AI systems could help in providing pathological expertise in parts of the world where it is unavailable. Moreover, standardization of grading procedures in oncology can also be achieved with the new platform.

 Previous Developments in Oncology

 The new platform proposed by the same team that developed Stockholm3, another tool for diagnosing prostate cancer. Stockholm3 was launched at Karolinksa Institutet in 2017, and is currently used across the Scandinavian countries. The researchers believe that their AI systems could help expediting the process of treatment. Allocation of right amount of time to the patients shall be a key proposition for oncologists.