More People in Need of Addiction Treatment Options

San Francisco, California, June 05, 2017: TMR Research reveals the macro and micro factors of influence on the demand and supply of various treatment options for addictions in the world, in “Addiction Treatments Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast 2017 – 2025.” The growth and decline of addictions has been a common trait in humankind over its existence. Addictions over the past few centuries has referred to the use or overuse of substances that may or may not be legal to consume. The physiological implications of most addictions are considered negative: while they impart a highly positive and even euphoric feeling to the consumer at the time of consumption, they can severely degrade their bodies and quality of life over the years. The detrimental effect of addictions is also different for different intoxicants and drugs. Some addictions are also considered to be deadly, as the patient holds a very low chance of completely healing their body and mind from the negative effects of the particular intoxicant.

One of the key factors driving the growth rate of the global addiction treatments market is the growing use of addictive substances themselves. The global consumption of alcohol and tobacco has gone up over the past decade, signaling for a greater effort required when addiction treatment is needed. At the same time, the overall consumption of other drugs has also shot up considerably, thanks to their easier availability and the growing disposable income among the common working class in all regions.

However, the global addiction treatments market is currently being stifled by a large percentage of addicted patients refusing addiction treatment or refusing to give up substance abuse altogether. From a physiological level, addictions can manage to devolve a person’s will to stay away from the particular substance, which is the core principle of addictions. This factor, combined with the social stigma of being branded and addict has swerved many people away from seeking professional help.

New drug approvals by the FDA for addiction treatment is likely to continue buffing the growth rate of the global market. North America is a leading region for the use of addiction treatments, due to a very high number of patients suffering from substance abuse issues and the presence of a high number of addiction treatment options.

The leading players in the global drug addiction treatments market from the recent past, include GlaxoSmithKline Plc., Reckitt Benckiser Plc., Pfizer Inc., and Orasure Technologies. There are also a large number of regional investors and players in the global addiction treatments market that hold rehabilitation centers and unconventional addiction treatment centers.